17 killed in Florida college shooting; suspect in custody

17 killed in Florida college shooting; suspect in custody

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A minimal of 17 individuals, in conjunction with college students, maintain been killed after a conventional pupil opened fire at a Florida excessive college, law enforcement officers stated on Wednesday.

The shooting suspect, identified as Nicolas Cruz, has been taken into custody. The FBI is helping native officers within the investigation.

“Nicolas Cruz used to be the killer. He’s in custody. We already began to dissect his web sites and social media that he used to be on … among the dear issues that prolong to mind are very, very demanding,” Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel told reporters at a recordsdata convention in Florida.

Cruz, 19, used to be a conventional pupil of Marjory Stoneman Douglas Excessive School in Parkland, Florida, where the shooting took location.


Israel stated Cruz got expelled from the college for disciplinary reasons.

The suspect had endless magazines, he added.

“At this level, we order he had one AR-15 rifle. I don’t know if he had a 2d one,” the sheriff stated in accordance with a inquire. The suspect used to be handled and released to the police.

Of the 17 slow, 12 maintain been all the way by the constructing, two maintain been shot slow appropriate originate air the constructing, one used to be on a facet road originate air the college, and two individuals misplaced their lives at a clinic. Israel, then again, might possibly maybe additionally no longer verify the selection of victim college students.

Indian-American college students

The college has a colossal selection of Indian-American college students and no longer decrease than one pupil from the neighborhood has been injured within the incident.

The pupil, a ninth grader, sustained minor injures as he used to be hit by splinters. He’s being handled at a clinic.

“Right here’s a unhappy day for the country and the neighborhood. All of us Indian-People are praying for the victims,” Shekar Reddy, whose buddy’s son used to be among those injured within the mass shooting, told PTI.

Authorities stated several victims maintain been being handled within the clinic. Three of them are in severe prerequisites and one other three in steady situation.


“My prayers and condolences to the households of the victims of the gruesome Florida shooting. No tiny one, teacher or somebody else might possibly maybe maintain to nonetheless ever the truth is feel unsafe in an American college,” President Donald Trump stated in a tweet.

He spoke with the Florida Governor and diverse high officers and used to be seeking frequent updates on the tragic incident.

‘Horrific scene’

Florida Senator Chris Murphy termed it as “a horrific scene” taking part in out at a excessive college in South Florida.

“Spark off your television honest now, you’re going to gawk scenes of younger individuals working for their lives. It’s what appears the [18]th college shooting on this country, and now we maintain no longer even hit March,” he stated on the Senate flooring on the present time.

The mass shooting, which is purported to be 18th college shooting of the 300 and sixty five days, seems to maintain rekindled a debate on the controversial gun snatch watch over rules within the US.

Murphy rued on the incident, claiming it used to be a fallout of “our assert of no job“.

“This happens nowhere else diverse than the US of The United States…It supreme happens here no longer attributable to coincidence, no longer attributable to harmful success, nonetheless as a consequence of our assert of no job. We’re to blame for a level of mass atrocity that happens on this country with zero parallel any place else,” Murphy stated.

Daily on this country, forty six younger individuals are shot, stated Congressman Donald M Payne.

“Daily on this country, seven younger individuals die from gun violence. Those statistics carry out no longer happen in any diverse excessive-profits country on this planet,” he stated, urging the contributors of the US Congress to use their “energy to develop the arena safer for all younger individuals.”

“The motives within the aid of the tragic shooting on the present time dwell a mystery, nonetheless one part is definite — the loss of harmless existence by the fingers of a merciless gunman is harmful and injurious,” stated Congressman Peter Roskam.

Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi stated one other American neighborhood is reeling from the bother of gun violence, perpetrated in opposition to harmless college younger individuals.

“Too many households maintain misplaced someone to the senseless epidemic of gun violence. Congress has a honest responsibility to take general-sense action to stop the day-to-day tragedy of gun violence in communities all the way by The United States. Ample is ample,” Ms. Pelosi stated.

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