9 Things You Need To Know About Puerto Rico

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No longer even a week after Storm Harvey slammed into the United States, one other storm is heading our diagram. Storm Irma, one in every of strongest storms ever recorded within the Atlantic, has already wreaked havoc on several Caribbean islands and is on a route in opposition to the southern U.S. A lot of shops glean centered on the devastation the storm would possibly perhaps perhaps cease to states esteem Florida and Georgia, however fewer glean pointed out that Irma already had an broad carry out on one other fragment of the U.S.: Puerto Rico. Because the country gears as much as support those within the route of the storm, listed below are 9 issues it’s good to in finding out about this commonwealth south of Florida.

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1. About 3.5 million folk reside in Puerto Rico, an island about three events the dimensions of Rhode Island. When compared, Storm Irma is about the dimensions of Ohio.

2. Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the U.S., however the relationship is … complicated. Initially, Puerto Ricans are U.S. voters. They’re additionally discipline to U.S. federal felony pointers, however are exempt from paying some federal taxes and make not vote in presidential elections. In percentage to its population, Puerto Rico additionally would not receive as worthy federal funding on programs esteem Medicaid because the 50 states.

3. Appropriate just a few months ago, the majority of Puerto Ricans voted to change into a pudgy U.S. stutter for the first time.

four. Irma would possibly perhaps perhaps not glean attain at a worse time for Puerto Rico. The island filed for chapter in May perhaps maybe perhaps presumably also of this year, following a recession that has been occurring since 2006, and is a whopping $123 billion in debt. Trump made his opposition to a bailout for the nation known in April.

5. In May perhaps maybe perhaps presumably also, Puerto Rico announced plans to shut 184 public schools earlier than this coming college year — fragment of an effort to lower their debt load. These closures will impact an estimated 27,000 college students — most within the fourth grade or underneath — and just a few,seven-hundred lecturers.

6. This monetary teach has additionally ended in a “brain drain”: Hundreds of Puerto Ricans glean left the island in fresh years to evaluation for alternatives in other places. Students glean made up about two-thirds of this population decline.

7. Students are not the single residents leaving the island: Hundreds of execs ranging from lecturers, to healthcare staff, to construction staff glean moved in fresh years. Entire industries glean even left.

eight. Puerto Rico’s public energy company, which lower support on staff and repairs amid this financial crisis, warned that Irma’s destruction would possibly perhaps perhaps consequence in some areas of the island shedding energy for four to 6 months. More than 1 million prospects in Puerto Rico had already misplaced energy earlier than the storm hit.

9. There are ways to support Puerto Rico fetch smartly from Irma! The humanitarian group Convoy of Hope is already elevating money for those hit by Irma and Puerto Rican Recent Yorkers glean additionally launched efforts to support the island.

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