Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. recap: ‘Collectively or Now not At All’

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. recap: ‘Collectively or Now not At All’

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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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We’re coming off an explosive episode, and this week has no diagram of slowing the momentum. Fitz is serene on the hasten with Simmons and Daisy, nonetheless his conception of getting them all away in his spaceship is immediate derailed when said ship is destroyed by Kasius’ forces. Now they wish to remember up a modern conception.

The heroes’ aid, alternatively, comes from the truth  that their major antagonists are more thinking sniping at every as a change of pursuing them. Kasius and his brother must now not exactly a dream crew; genuinely, they give the affect of being to be practically total opposites. Whereas Kasius is anxious about his newfound scars disrupting his perfect image, his brother says they’ll also serene be frail with honor, because the signal of a victor. But Kasius isn’t precisely the warrior form; curiously, your total cause he’s working the Earth jam divulge in the first area is because he once abandoned a strategic outpost his father had assigned him to defend. In Kasius’ defense, said defense turn out to be once maybe very now not going, since most of his troops (as a change of Sinara) had been killed. But his brother argues that honor and glory are more indispensable than mere survival. These two Kree in actuality hang the Boromir/Faramir brother dynamic down pat, as a change of for the truth that neither of them appear to build up their hands dirty. Both of them dispatch their top soldiers (Sinara and a Kree man who prefers using “historic” weapons to abolish his human prey) to procure the Destroyer of Worlds.

They’re now not the utterly ones buying for someone. After extra special pursuit, Enoch at last tracks down Can even merely on the desolate Earth floor. Roaches curiously pose no insist for him, since he doesn’t hang any “tender insides” for them to utilize. But Enoch is now not omnipotent; when hooded strangers without warning seem and grapple him and Can even merely with chains, the two don’t stand a massive gamble.

At last, the SHIELD brokers are compelled to expose Flint that Tess turn out to be once killed by the Kree in pursuit of him. Mack talks to Flint one-on-one, nonetheless doesn’t in actuality hang any comforting phrases. He correct says that Flint’s powers indicate he has the responsibility to give protection to the americans almost about him. But Flint his uncertain — his dad and mom are boring, and now his utterly friend is boring too. How is he purported to give protection to someone? Finally, here’s a matter Flint has to establish himself. So when Mack and Coulson’s community at last reconnects with Fitz, Simmons, Daisy, and Deke (who broke himself out of the room Coulson locked him in — correct in time, too, because I turn out to be once beginning to leave out his sass), Flint is nowhere to be learned.


To quote a fresh movie of demonstrate, Flint has the coronary heart of a decent Jedi. He goes straight to the Kree buying for him — and in an awfully Jedi-esque hooded conceal, to boot. Flint doesn’t need someone else to die thanks to him, and looks to be to present himself up to the Kree so they’ll quit hurting his associates. But Flint’s no idiot. Once the major Kree’s guard is down, the baby uses his newfound powers to fuse a few smaller rocks and send the combined projectile by the Kree’s head. Man, that’s a fab strength.

He’s now not the utterly one with abilities, sadly. Sinara sneaks up in the relieve of him and knocks him out, and decides to make use of him as bait. But it indubitably doesn’t take prolonged sooner than Daisy reveals up, and he or she understand that is correct as extra special the self-sacrificing hero as Flint. She offers herself up to the Kree warriors in his area. But thankfully her associates aren’t far in the relieve of, and all of them take off with the Kree in hot pursuit.

At last, they procure an open shaft that can lead them outdoor. Deke comes up with the premise of using his anti-gravity belt buckle to manufacture their salvage makeshift elevator, nonetheless understand that nobody trusts him sufficient to be the test dummy. Fitz and Simmons trot first, total with on-trace nerdy dialogue (“once again unto the breach”) with others following in the relieve of. But Flint, for one, has no diagram of leaving. If his powers are supposed to give protection to americans, then he’s going to make use of them that manner; he’s now not leaving in the relieve of the americans left in the divulge to be inclined to Kree cruelty thanks to him. No topic his in most cases-said “no splitting up” rule, Mack decides to quit in the relieve of and aid the baby, along with Yo-Yo.

So the episode ends without any other gigantic war scene, nonetheless there’s serene masses of intrigue in its stead. After breaking by into the empty room, Sinara uses her floating balls to abolish the alternative Kree warrior. When she reports this relieve to the serene-bickering brothers, Kasius takes aid of his brother’s shock and literally stabs him in the relieve. Surely his warrior brother calls him out on it, so Kasius stabs in the front too. This earns Sinara’s admire, and he or she smiles at him as he lays out his conception for bringing the Destroyer of Worlds relieve to his father, announcing they got revenge for his brother’s death, and at last leaving this cursed exile.

When Can even merely wakes up on Earth, we at last accumulate a be conscious at the community there. She realizes she’s in the Zephyr, after which one in all the figures takes off her hood. Her face isn’t recognizable, nonetheless the carved robin in her hand obvious is. By some means, Fitz isn’t the utterly one who made it to the prolonged hasten. That prophetic child Robin Hinton is here too — although she’s positively now not a toddler anymore.

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