All of basically the most keen reactions from celebs, TV displays, and more about Twitter expanding to 280 characters


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After asserting at the kill of September a beta test giving some users 280 characters rather than honest appropriate one hundred forty, Twitter announced without warning on Tuesday that nearly all users now gain the expanded character functionality.

The elevated character depend had people responding in all system of techniques on the social media platform, from tweeting passages from novels to writing out lyrics and more.

Tv displays including Legislation & Narrate: SVU, Orphan Sad, and Archer aged the character expansion to make wry posts connected to their programming; Legislation & Narrate wrote out the iconic voiceover opening to the frilly, while Orphan Sad referenced the sheer different of characters Tatiana Maslany conducted on the sequence with the hashtag #280characters. And if there aren’t ample creepy clowns for you in American Awe Legend: Cult, the frilly upped the ante with a tweet fats of that emoji.

Josh Groban, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Zoe Kazan, and other stars wrote out prolonged tweets containing gibberish and amusing freak-outs at the surprising rigidity to deliver witty or enlightening articulate material in even better snippets. Miss Piggy took the elevated limit as an different to tweet about herself, naturally: Literally. She honest appropriate tweeted “Moi” over and over.

Authentic organizations and companies got in on the fun as effectively with the NBA referees making a tongue-in-cheek amusing myth in regards to the expansion leading to more effectively-reasoned responses to their officiating. Walt Disney World tweeted the ear-worm lyrics to “It’s a Exiguous World,” while NBC identified that the brand new character limit peaceful changed into now not ample to accommodate the inspirational speeches of Friday Evening Lights’ Coach Taylor.

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