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It’s been a memorable 2017 for Ann Dowd. The powerhouse actress took home one Emmy for her imposing flip as Aunt Lydia in Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Narrative and used to be nominated for one other for her joyous return in the third and closing season of HBO’s The Leftovers — a welcome shock provided that her character, Responsible Remnant chief Patti Levin, died in season 1.

Delight in Patti, who went on to haunt Justin Theroux’s Kevin Garvey, or Lydia, who looms over Offred’s (Elisabeth Moss) existence despite only performing in flashbacks in Margaret Atwood’s unique, it appears to be like to be Dowd’s roles bear a technique of sticking. They linger for the actress (of Patti, she says, “Most steadily I will’t even talk about her. I correct kind ruin down”) correct kind as they endure on cloak. TNT’s True Behavior is the newest collection made better by this phenomenon: After two appearances in the first season, Dowd is support for a bulked-up perform in season 2, stealing extra scenes than ever as unconventional FBI Agent Rhonda Lashever. Sunday’s episode — SPOILER WARNING — came during Lashever finally collaring assassin Javier (Juan Diego Botto) and con artist Letty (Michelle Dockery), only to slit a take care of them off the file and allow them to scamper.

How will Lashever fare at criminal existence? EW spoke to Dowd, who’s as pleasant as her characters are brash, about Emmy recognition, taking part in intense roles, and what’s subsequent for the FBI agent with pricey taste.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: The web in fact loved your shout-out to Hulu to your Emmy acceptance speech.
Somebody suggested me that! I didn’t know what they supposed in the beginning. I was love, “What quit you mean? Didn’t I mutter the title real?” It made me snigger when I heard it. I don’t score it silent, pretty, but hello, it’s candy. Whatever the comments had been, I believed, oh, that’s magnificent.

What did that preserve shut mean to you?
It supposed the arena, pretty the truth is. You put collectively yourself to divulge, “Let’s correct kind withhold the kind out the work, how lucky we are to bear the work,” which is the marvelous kind outlook to bear. However boy, to search out out I’m incorporated in this dialog, there’s correct kind nothing pretty discover it irresistible. And when my title used to be called, as smartly as to the deep shock, which used to be legit, it used to be furthermore, and I’m jubilant I remembered exactly what this sense used to be — I don’t know how one may per chance ever fail to recollect — super gratitude. As a result of so many work so exhausting all their lives.

You’re filming season 2 of The Handmaid’s Narrative now. What’s it been love coming support to work after so noteworthy recognition for the say?
All people’s furious. We love the work and the topic topic and the of us we work with. I want I had a extra long-established technique of asserting it, but all people is stout on. They’re real at their jobs, man… Going support to work real after the Emmys used to be a very real thing, striking our feet support on the floor where they belong. It used to be a super technique to originate season 2.

How did you observe out you’d be returning for The Leftovers’ closing season?
Damon [Lindelof, the co-creator] sent a cast e-mail about season three and I was incorporated. And he’s conscientious. So I believed, “Okay, so what does this mean now?” As a result of you love the say, and in case you’re on it you correct kind in fact feel so grateful that you may per chance per chance per chance very smartly be, and you don’t even want to hope — so I wrote, “True questioning, used to be that intentional, conserving my title on the record?” And he correct kind stated, “Optimistic, it’ll be on the quit, doubtlessly one episode, doubtlessly Australia.” I don’t quiz questions past that. I was thrilled.

She died in season 1, but Patti became out to bear real staying energy.
The issues I’ve realized from that say. As soon as I came during out she used to be going to die, I cried for three days… And then I finally stated to myself, “Effectively, honey, you’re going to must play that episode, so I mediate it’s time to quit weeping and bear a survey on the episode and behold what we can quit right here.” And then it dawned on me: What Patti used to be going through mirrored what I was going through in a technique. Take a seat with the disappointment and then let scamper. You don’t settle on this say to full. It’s ending for you. Treasure it and then let scamper. Let scamper of attachment, which used to be considered one of Patti’s tall issues. It correct kind became precise into a form of out of the ordinary private and ingenious experiences, considered one of many upper of my complete existence. It correct kind saved dovetailing into my existence.

Your perform on True Behavior has furthermore expanded this season. How had been you approached about changing precise into an even bigger part of the say?
I’m no longer exactly determined the top likely way it came about, but I do know that on the quit of the first season [co-creator] Chad Hodge talked about that he preferred the character of Lashever and he wanted her to approach support support the following season. It used to be one thing easy love that. And I love the postulate.

You quit hundreds of comedy on the say — I mediate Lashever’s fraudulent arrest video in the automobile used to be my popular 2d of the season so some distance. Attain you abilities the likelihood to relax a exiguous? Are there any challenges to taking part in such a mountainous character?
I love taking part in this character, I’ve by no way performed a character love her earlier than. Optimistic, it’s very honest correct to relax and it’s furthermore unpleasant. It’s no longer a terrain I’m aware of in my working existence. The anguish, for sure, is ceaselessly to withhold it real, which I command is the anguish for every perform, isn’t it?

Can you tease the relaxation about what’s subsequent for Lashever this season now that she’s in cahoots with Letty and Javier?
Now she’s entering the criminal world, and I’d wager the farm she’ll be very real at it.

Delight in Lydia and Patti, Lashever is a forceful character. Is that a persona you’re drawn to?
I will’t repeat you techniques noteworthy. I correct kind in fact feel jubilant and jubilant to explore them. I wouldn’t bear known that, in fact. I’m slightly taken aback by it. People mutter, “Attain you are going to must scamper home and shower after you are going to bear a day on the location of Handmaid’s?” And I mutter, “Completely no longer! Happy to score to know her.” Plus, on the quit of the day, for us, it’s make-factor in. The results, all of the stuff these characters battle through, as actors, we don’t must are living the . And I mediate that’s well-known to withhold in suggestions as we play it.

Contain you ever considered a alternate in roles for females?
Yeah. Isn’t it huge? Girls are piquant. Hello! There are tales to repeat that are out of the ordinary, and females can repeat them and act in them and make them… And we can enhance each other wholeheartedly. We’re no longer competing for 2 spots right here. The sphere is opening up. Let’s all score in there.

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