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Bayangtoys X16: Cheap, durable, hackable GPS drone.

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April 2015, DJI launched the $799 Phantom three quadcopter innovative for its steadiness, ease of impart and independent return to home and auto-land feature. On the novel time that that you would possibly perchance presumably also salvage a linked feature laden yet inexpensive drone the $ninety nine Bayangtoys X16.

In the foundation the low price X16 did no longer hold these capabilities, nonetheless since the starting up after the summer of the GPS version, distinguishable from older versions by its sunless motors, it’s far quite treasure having a conventional Phantom three at a little bit of the value. Whereas the X16 does no longer recede on start source flight computer there are alternative hacks and mods on the uncover to amplify their capabilities.


One of many things that stunned me after tinkering with the X16 and loading too heavy payloads is its resistance to crashes. It is amazing how this toy comes out without damage from in actuality pleasant falls.

But first things first, even supposing the quad works colossal straight from the box the manual is written in a scary English, so this cheat sheet that we hold now willing shall be very real for first time pilot.

cheatsheet.gifIt is indispensable to take be aware of some particularities of the Bayangtoys X16 whenever that that you would possibly perchance hold flown totally different multicopter form drones. Same to DJI Phantom’s original flight mode, by default it uses GPS to retain its region, the motor stick remains in any appreciate times centered and the recede of descent restricted, making it almost unimaginable to smash it accidentally. Totally different mode of flight is altitude retain. It usually formulation your X16 will hover progressively in its vertical region, nonetheless this would possibly perchance well dart alongside with the waft with the wind since it’s no longer venerable GPS to retain its horizontal region, this mode is extra responsive in particular if we set off the excessive fee retain watch over mode.

A frequent toughen is to mount the 9450 props from Phantom three, these offer the flexibility to self-tight so tools are no longer wished. DJI 9450’s were a revelation, easy hover with the full identical weight and handled lots better than the original props. Also gave me additional minutes flying time. It is additionally urged to swap the battery leads supplied by a extra fundamental one much just like the XT60 connector for the next alternative of on hand batteries . After this most 3S drone racing LiPos match completely.

Upgrades: X8C touchdown equipment + Phantom three props + 2D Gimbal

As mentioned, this low price quadcopter has alternative mods. Especially attention-grabbing is that the body is a reproduction of the Syma X8C quad in order that most zero.33-salvage together equipment or 3D printed parts shall be smartly qualified: camera mounts, touchdown equipment or gimbal stabilizers.

Some examples on Thingiverse:

Even if the supplied transmitter is chuffed and realistic, with a excellent vary. Some drone hackers are currently engaged on together with  make stronger for X16 protocol to the transmitters that recede the starting up system much like Deviation.

There is additionally the option of replacing the original propietary controller with a new one, treasure the usual Naze32 or  SP Racing F3 clones would possibly perchance well additionally be discovered for prices beneath $15. One thing that some users hold already executed.

SP F3 is a colossal alternative to convert our drone to start source. A firmware that will adapt totally to a upgraded X16 is iNAV Flight.

Started as a little hobby venture for interior most desires INAV grew into one thing bigger – an entry-stage autopilot for R/C fanatic neighborhood. Whereas the impart of a cheapest that that that you would possibly perchance presumably also factor in hardware it composed supplies alternative frigid facets: Return to start both by pilot enlighten and R/C link loss, Take care of region and altitude modes or System-point independent flight. Moreover, INAV is 100% start source, which formulation you don’t salvage any hidden or proprietary code there.

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