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Bringing Support the iPhone Headphone Jack – in China

bringing back the iphone headpho
bringing back the iphone headpho

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I’ve spent the previous four months in Shenzhen, China, modifying an iPhone 7 to add a fully purposeful headphone jack. To the finest of my recordsdata, right here’s the first time any individual has performed the relaxation esteem this.

In April, I fine to within the destroy toughen my iPhone 6s to an iPhone7 to get better digital camera tremendous for the movies I used to be taking pictures as soon as I used to be out on adventures within the industrial markets and manufacturing world. Nonetheless I used to be big aggravated that it doesn’t hold a headphone jack! I truly hold already obtained headphones I truly cherished, and I didn’t esteem the understanding that of attending to lend a hand observe of an adapter appropriate to employ them.

So I figured I’d add my contain – on the least, how laborious could presumably or not or not it’s?

It turns out, truly truly laborious. Nonetheless that it’s likely you’ll presumably also factor in.

I went by a ton of iterations and debugging to earn this to work. The toughest aspects were the electrical create and getting every part to fit at some stage within the phone. Specifically, because I used to be the employ of the common sense from an Apple headphone adapter and a headphone jack from an iPhone 5, I had to search out blueprint to put them with out breaking the relaxation. I truly feel esteem I obtained extremely lucky about finding blueprint at some stage within the phone. There used to be inexplicably reasonably about a additional room within the lower left hand corner, actual where I needed to put the headphone jack. And since I used to be connecting the headphone adapter to the lightning jack, I needed to resolve out how it’s likely you’ll presumably also form the lightning jack aloof work for things esteem charging and syncing to a laptop.

I carried out up designing an total bunch circuit boards that were extra complicated than the relaxation I’ve ever performed. I had three iterations of PCB designs manufactured, and four varied versatile PCB designs.

I also ended up having to make a choice out heaps, and heaps, and an total bunch spare aspects. I went by 3 full iPhone 7s, a handful of monitors, and limitless internal substances (principally backside cable assemblies and taptic engines).

And I had to make a choice out some new tools. I obtained a take care of binocular microscope for minute soldering work (alongside side hand soldering my contain BGAs), and had to noticeably level up my soldering equipment.

The nitty gritty

I’m pleasing glad with the final implementation. I took aside an Apple lightning to headphone adapter, set up that at some stage within the phone, and hooked it up by man within the middling the lightning jack with a versatile PCB. The PCB has a switching chip that switches between connecting the headphone adapter to the phone by default, after which disconnecting it and connecting the lightning jack when something is plugged into it. I truly hold a couple other timer chips that instant disconnect every part from the phone when something is connected/disconnected to toughen the reliability of the phone detecting when something is plugged/unplugged (otherwise it steadily gets at a loss for words).

The final versatile PCB uses 5 mil/5mil traces and zero.5mm pitch BGAs. Which is pleasing darn minute. I managed to hand solder these below the microscope, and it turned out to be great more straightforward than I expected, despite being my first time truly doing any floor mount create or soldering. If floor mount scares you, make a choice a microscope! It’s a total sport changer.

You are going to be ready to earn the kicad files and gerbers right here: github.com/strangeparts/niubi-headphones

This create is originate supply below an MIT license, and also you’re very welcome to switch and toughen on this create, and even make it your self. Must you crash, I’d esteem to listen to about it.

This isn’t appropriate about a headphone jack though – I deem this create could even be adapted to put other lightning essentially based completely adapters internal an iPhone, while aloof allowing the lightning jack to characteristic. It’s principally appropriate a matter of finding room at some stage within the phone!


Q: Who are you?

A: I’m Scotty Allen. I’m an American engineer, entrepreneur, and hacker. I’ve worked at Google and quite loads of alternative prominent Silicon Valley startups. I’ve been traveling the world elephantine time for the previous 3 years. I’m a nomad, meaning I don’t hold an home or residence anyplace that I hire elephantine time.

I’ve spent about half of the previous two years in Shenzhen, China, studying concerning the electronics manufacturing scene – the industrial markets, factories, and lend a hand alleys where the world’s electronics are made. I began Uncommon Parts as a technique to starting up telling tales about my adventures.

Earlier this year, I made my contain iPhone 6s from aspects I bought available within the market.

Q: Where did you earn the aspects?

A: I bought most of them from the cell telephone repair markets in Huaqiangbei in Shenzhen, China. These are public wholesale markets that be conscious of cell telephone repair corporations around the world.  I also bought some official Apple headphone adapters from the Apple shops in Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

Q: Couldn’t you appropriate make a choice a $10 headphone adapter as an more than just a few?

A: Yes.  Nonetheless that’s much less enjoyable.

Q: How great did it rate?

A: I haven’t kept ideal observe, nonetheless I’ve spent with out problems hundreds of bucks on this venture.  I’ve bought 3 iPhone 7s to preserve aside, a handful of most modern monitors, quite loads of handfuls of backs I mutilated, and limitless other aspects I broke.  I paid a factory to crash 7 manufacturing runs of circuit boards.  And oh god the headphone adapters.  I bought heaps and an total bunch official Apple headphone adapters to preserve aside.

Q: Why didn’t you make employ of a chinese copy headphone adapter?

Take into consideration me, I tried.  I couldn’t accumulate any that fully worked.  Either the buttons on an apple headset wouldn’t work, or they didn’t detect as soon as I unplugged the headphones.  Or they appropriate didn’t work the least bit.  Nonetheless I want I’d been ready to, because it will doubtless were extra rate efficient.

Q: Does this work on iPhone eight?

I don’t know – I haven’t considered one yet!  Nonetheless I’d esteem to preserve a closer survey at that after they’re accessible.

Q: Can you rate the phone and listen in on tune on the same time?

A: Sadly, no, due to the strategy the circuit is designed.  Either the headphone jack is connected to the phone, or the lightning jack is, nonetheless by no strategy each and each on the same time.  To fix this is able to require a pleasing severe engineering effort, that could presumably require a great deeper realizing of the lightning protocol than I currently hold.

Q: Where can I earn my contain iPhone with a headphone jack?

A: Sadly, this create isn’t reasonably ready for mass make appropriate yet.  It used to be truly laborious for me to put collectively a single working telephone with out breaking any internal aspects.  I am hoping that others put upon my create to form it more straightforward to make, or that Apple brings lend a hand the headphone jack into their telephones.

Nonetheless, for the diehard Uncommon Parts fans, I made some particular circuit boards appropriate for them.  Yow will uncover out extra within the _Strange Parts Store_.

Q: I want to make your create.  Is that ok?

A: Yes, please crash!  The create is originate supply.  I am hoping that it’s likely you’ll presumably also toughen on what I’ve performed, and form it accessible to extra folk.  And whenever you settle out to crash this, ship me an _email_.  I’d esteem to listen to from you!

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