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codereview: accept Github PRs · Field #18517 · golang/scoot

codereview: accept Github PRs · Field #18517 · golang/scoot

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I imply we birth accepting Github PRs (Pull Requests).

Currently we contain a bot auto-shut them with a message telling them we assemble now no longer employ PRs and as a replace employ Gerrit.

When we moved to Github, @robpike said:

Most members of the Budge community employ Git and host their work on GitHub, and we are in a position to also honest indifferent be a part of them.

While that’s appropriate, we’re indifferent now no longer the employ of Github relish Github customers employ Github.

I deem that our most modern pushback bot dissuades many potential contributors.

I imply we birth accepting pull requests by mechanically changing them into Gerrit CLs (“swap lists”, same as a PR but masses of terminology). Opinions would indifferent happen on Gerrit and the bot would update the PR of dispute on Gerrit. Gerrit is indifferent the build we could hump trybots and push the “Merge” button. We’d never merge on Github. Gerrit would reside the upstream source-of truth.

I prototyped this syncing in https://github.com/LetsUseGerrit/gerritbot/ and standard it quite while working on gRPC-scoot (examples), but in the incorrect technique: my Gerrit CLs were abandoned after gRPC-scoot accredited them on Github.

In the end, the purpose is that this could honest additionally be automatic with quite of work and rejecting Github PRs or now no longer is a coverage option better than anything. I imply we swap our coverage.

Some will enlighten that the advantageous of PRs will decrease, as many the PRs that diagram and are auto-closed by the pushback bot are moderately execrable. However so are lots of the Gerrit CLs. I deem the Gerrit CLs are only greater on life like as a end result of that blueprint it be extra possible folks contain be taught the contributing directions, or contain contributed in the previous. However while you happen to simply detect at first-time contributors on Github PRs vs Gerrit CLs, the advantageous doesn’t detect too masses of. Folk make stronger over time as they be taught the mission and its insurance policies.

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