Couple who offered American Horror Story apartment are plagued by trespassers

Couple who offered American Horror Story apartment are plagued by trespassers

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For a California couple. dwelling in American Horror Story’s Murder Home has turn into a proper-life nightmare.

Ernst Von Schwarz and Angela Oakenfold offered the Rosenheim Mansion — which used to be featured within the first season of FX’s hit display — in 2014 for $Three.2 million, but no one told them it used to be disquieted by hoards of unwelcome traffic.

The house owners claim that hundreds of followers turn up on the property day-to-day to take photos, most steadily trespassing on the voice and each and every so most steadily forcing their reach into the renowned dwelling, in accordance to a CBS file.

“We now maintain had plenty of ruin-ins. We now maintain had on three or four times correct within the supreme three hundred and sixty five days, needed to name the police,” Oakenfold tells the outlet.

Now, the couple is suing their realtor and the sellers, who they are saying deceive them about the property’s pitfalls. “We genuinely feel esteem they cheated us,” Oakenfold says. Adds Von Schwarz, “We want to reside right here pointless to philosophize. But it absolutely is terribly now not easy because we don’t if truth be told feel fetch.”

The pair claim they were at hour of darkness about the display’s rabid fan unhealthy, some of whom maintain long gone to enormous lengths to build up entry to the put apart. One neighborhood went as a ways as to climb into the news of a garbage truck to build up a greater watch of the voice.

“He put them within the crane and elevated it. And I’m within the loo and I judge about out the window and there are teenage girls screaming at me,” Oakenfold recalls.

The house owners display that they tried to attain their be taught about the property, but didn’t uncover evidence of its put as a pilgrimage house for AHS viewers.

“We Googled the apartment pointless to philosophize esteem all and sundry else would,” says Von Schwartz. “But while you Google the apartment you uncover reasonably a number of motion footage had been filmed right here…. Lastly the American Horror Story, which I maintain by no technique considered.”

Must they preserve conclude their case, they intend to attract a permanent fence or hedge to fetch their privacy, CBS reports. The realtor gave a response to the house, declaring, “I maintain no query that the truthful info of this case will accumulate to the bottom of this topic in our desire.”

American Horror Story explores a weird theme and voice each and every season, so the Rosenheim apartment used to be now not featured in seasons two through seven.

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