Dylan O’Brien Opens Up About The Anger He Felt After The Accident That Virtually Ended His Profession

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Dylan O’Brien is support in the spotlight following the serious accident that simply about ended his profession — and would per chance possess ended his lifestyles. The accident occurred on the placement of The Maze Runner: The Death Cure support in March 2016 and reportedly used to be the final consequence of a stunt long gone atrocious. O’Brien prefers to keep the vital capabilities of the accident inner most, but it be been reported that he suffered a concussion, facial break, and brain trauma.

“I used to be in a of course tricky characteristic,” O’Brien, 26, suggested MTV News correspondent Josh Horowitz while promoting his current film American Assassin in New York City.

At the time of the Maze Runner accident, O’Brien, a burgeoning Hollywood star, used to be in talks to star in behold thriller American Assassin, director Michael Cuesta’s massive conceal adaptation of the Vince Flynn bestselling recent sequence of the identical name. As an different of discovering a brand current actor to painting their main man Mitch Rapp, producers waited till O’Brien used to be ready and able to begin production on American Assassin.

“I of course possess to present them a bunch of credit rating as a consequence of they stuck with me, man,” he said. “They did not soar ship and disappear survey for every other actor. They pushed the movie and vital to stick with me.”

Nonetheless whether or no longer O’Brien vital to stick with American Assassin following the accident used to be every other story. The Teen Wolf star had no longer most efficient suffered wide physical injuries from the accident, but there used to be also a bunch of psychological trauma to address to boot. O’Brien did not even know if he would per chance well ever feel stable on a movie location again, no longer to mention act on one.

“I used to be combating a lot stuff,” he said. “I used to be no longer confident in my means to actual leap support onto a location. It took a bunch of work. Even up to the closing minute, there used to be so mighty doubt and so mighty anxiety. Primarily. By some means, I assumed it’d be simplest to push by means of all that. My taking into account used to be that it would per chance well relief me, [and] it of course did.”

It turns out that getting support to work used to be precisely what O’Brien vital to feel cherish himself again. Nonetheless, that does no longer mean he is the identical person he used to be 18 months ago.

“I’ve learned a lot from the previous year of my lifestyles. In a bunch of wierd ways, it made me develop,” O’Brien said. “I used to be of course angry for a of course very long time. At this level I am of course at peace with it and of course cheerful that I am OK.”

American Assassin hits theaters September 15.

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