Elphinstone stampede: Demise girl molested on bridge by bystander, video displays


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A girl sufferer of the stampede, seconds from breathing her final, change into molested by a bystander as she lay atop a pile of victims on the foot overbridge (FOB) on Friday, a video clip displays. The girl, trapped by the bodies, reaches out weakly for serve sooner than shedding her hand and breathing her final.

Jayshree Kanade, who change into at Parel space when the stampede took place, acknowledged, “Many folks stole purses and gold embellishes from women victims. This molestation video is if fact be told ugly. How can any individual molest a girl combating for lifestyles and asking for serve? The culprits have to be punished.”

Elphinstone Avenue resident Sandesh Bahadur added, “The molestation video is ugly and with out even staring at it, one feels deal with punishing the coward guilty. We rushed to serve. Ladies folks were crying for serve. We couldn’t attach many of them this ability that of the group on the bridge.” Bhandup resident Anjali Bhadauria acknowledged, “Many women were sporting sarees because it change into Dussehra; their dresses tore while pulling them out of the pile of bodies.”

Because the molestation video circulated amongst passengers and officials, the infuriate change into apparent. Niket Kaushik, Commissioner, Authorities Railway Police, acknowledged, “This case comes under Mumbai Police, nevertheless I can even provoke an inquiry.”

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