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We launch up this week with an intervention of kinds. The Lyons have faith gathered at Jamal’s (even supposing Jamal himself isn’t too ecstatic about this) to desire a peep at to resolve out what to discover about the DuBois train. First train: Jamal’s going to be arrested on costs of assault, battery, traumatic the peace, destructing property, and fleeing the scene of the crime…until they’ll get Warren to testify to throwing the first punch. Which all of us know he didn’t (effectively, no longer bodily, anyway). The better space, even supposing? No one is aware of the place Warren is.

Turns out, even supposing, this gathering isn’t in actuality about Jamal: The family is definitely making an try to resolve out what Diana DuBois’ sport with Andre would be, now that her plans for Hakeem and Jamal have faith each and each reached fruition. They assign a matter to about anyone Andre is shut to, and he says he has no one — which is laughable because he was honest talking to them about her remaining week. He and Hakeem, bored stiff, head to Empire; Cookie and Lucious leave rapidly after.

As they stroll out, Cookie has a detention heart flashback: Poundcake not at as soon as has her toddler, and being a mother seems to be to commerce all the pieces for her. When Cookie and the diversified females advance visit, they discuss how straightforward it’s to realize you’d kill in your child. Is this foreshadowing?

She, Lucious, and Thirsty desire the Andre train into their get palms. Their first drag? Thirsty will get photos and shrimp print about all of Diana DuBois’s bodyguards, so they’ll hiss there’s one man missing who should always be guarding Warren. (When Thirsty tells Lucious this, he does a hilarious impression of Cookie. Every so frequently I neglect that Thirsty by chance grew to alter into my favorite personality?)

Over at Empire, Tiana is recording a brand new note with Shine, and Hakeem comes in only to fracture all the pieces. (Okay, interestingly Shine invited him to construct one in every of the 5 albums he’s to blame for.) Nonetheless Hakeem isn’t historical sufficient to be within the related room with the woman he dumped for no proper reason. “You might want to peaceable assign some AutoTune on that mess,” he says to Tiana — who straight slaps him.

“I’m so in depressed health and bored with your corrupt, entitled ass,” she says, and tells him to drag get abet with Anika. She storms out, as she should always peaceable, and Hakeem begins whining to Shine. “This existence ruins all the pieces.”

So Shine takes it upon himself to offer the fatherly guidance that Lucious, or Dwight, or whoever he’s that this day can’t appear to. They pressure out to the suburbs (Connecticut? Prolonged Island?) the place we meet a handful of children who all belong to Shine. And two of his three toddler mamas are there, chatting with every diversified in some invent of picturesque polygamous paradise.

Apparently they’re no longer in actuality polygamous, nonetheless by some capacity, by dating females who aren’t within the replace and by placing his children above all americans (and that is important: even above his diversified family), he’s performed this irregular suburban concord.

Meanwhile, Andre goes to an outdoors cafe with Pamela and straight begins accusing her of working with Diana. “Any person’s coming after me and my brothers, one after the opposite, pretending to care about us,” he explains, peaceable furious.

Pamela throws her shrimp kill from remaining week abet in his face: Would she hiss him the biggest secret of her existence honest to entice him for some woman she doesn’t even know? Right here is getting confusing — and it’s too mighty for each and each of them. She breaks up with him after which leaves, and he smashes a tumbler while yelling to get her abet.

Turns out Thirsty was watching, and he straight calls Lucious to get there sooner than Andre leaves. They assign a matter to who he was yelling at, and Andre explains that he’s seeing a form, working out, and elegant woman named Pamela Rose. He didn’t hiss them because she’s a cop, nonetheless they needn’t grief anymore, because they broke up. And she was the first individual he’s felt one thing love this for since Rhonda. (So what was Nessa, chopped liver? You guys had a ghost threesome!!! Rhonda handed the baton!)

In other areas, Cookie is armed with the photograph of Warren’s bodyguard — and a gun. When the guard slips out for espresso or no topic, she enters, aspects the gun at a bedridden, therapeutic Warren, and tells him he’s going to hiss the cops he threw the first punch. Warren has the same opinion elegant away, which makes Cookie suspicious. So he explains: “Mediate about, Jamal was the luxuriate in of my existence, and I misplaced him. So clearing his name is the least I will be succesful of discover.” She buys it, nonetheless then asks for more: He must hiss her what his loopy aunt has planned for Andre.

He spills, and Cookie goes to Andre. Andre can’t get this type of extremely popular doctor would be in Diana’s pocket, nonetheless interestingly she has grime on him. Cookie and Lucious try and search out out what Andre would possibly perchance even have faith said in the end of his classes — especially after he was huge medicated — nonetheless all he remembers is talking about no longer being in a plot to create sexually.

Cookie has one other flashback to detention heart: This time, she requested the guard who fathered Poundcake’s toddler what occurred to her, and he assaulted Cookie then sent her to the gap for a week. Turns out Poundcake had been there for a total month, and when they each and each got out, Poundcake suggested Cookie he made her tag away her parental rights. The pleasing toddler she loved so mighty is now misplaced to the arrangement — and a distraught Cookie swears they’re going to desire him down.

Assist within the present, Jamal has been ingesting and listening repeatedly to the music he recorded with Warren. Fortunately, sooner than he can spiral too some distance down, Hakeem arrives, they most frequently grab to take a seat in their bother collectively. Hakeem says he isn’t going to let anyone else (a.good sufficient.a. Anika’s new boyfriend Angelo) elevate his child, and it seems to be love he’ll be planning one thing lethal late his concepts. (Recap continues on page 2)

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