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Explore Wealth and Profits Inequality within the World Wealth and Profits Database

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Recurrently Requested Questions (FAQ)

What is WID.world? 

For extra recordsdata on WID.world and its historical previous, click on right here.

For extra recordsdata on the community of researchers, click on right here.

For extra recordsdata on methodology, click on right here.

How to be taught WID.world graphs? 

Click right here for aid on methods to navigate thru WID.world menus and graphs.

I stumble upon technical complications on WID.world, what must restful I operate? 

First, get our apologies. 2d, you need to restful delete the cache memory of your browser (on the entire under “settings/historical previous/distinct cache”), then discontinuance it, and decide a non-public a study all over again. If this would no longer solve the topic, it is some distance advisable to investigate cross-consult with a distinct browser. And, at final, ship us an electronic mail with the description of the command, and the tiny print of your operative intention and browsers variations. Our contact mail is within the get situation footer, under  the CONTACT US piece.

What distinguishes WID.world’s inequality recordsdata from the OECD, the World Monetary institution, or completely different inequality recordsdata suppliers?

Ultimate few institutions provide inequality estimates and of us that operate so (e.g. the the OECD or the World Monetary institution recordsdata portals) rely for potentially the most piece on household surveys. One key topic with surveys, nonetheless, is that they are based upon self-reporting and are well known to underestimate high incomes and high wealth shares. To boot as, surveys fully duvet a restricted time span and construct it no longer doable to provide a protracted-term perspective on inequality developments.

In distinction, WID.world combines national accounts and gaze recordsdata with fiscal recordsdata sources. This lets in us to launch inequality estimates which would perhaps perhaps perhaps be extra legit – from the underside to the cease of the distribution of profits and wealth – and also that span over well-known longer sessions.

The solutions series supplied in WID.world must restful nonetheless no longer be considered as generous and definitive: existing series are consistently up to this point and improved by WID.world fellows, following original raw recordsdata releases or conceptual and methodological enhancements. The total methodological followed to construct our series would perhaps perhaps even be stumbled on in nation-advise papers in our methodology library or within the DINA guidelines.

Must you’ve got extra questions on the solutions, operate no longer hesitate to contact us.

What distinguishes WID.world’s national accounts recordsdata from the UN, the IMF, the World Monetary institution, or completely different national accounts recordsdata suppliers?

Estimates for national accounts (akin to national profits and national wealth) stumbled on on WID.world and on worldwide statistical institutions databases are on the entire fixed, scheme discontinuance can vary for a total lot of causes.

First, we launch detailed series for national wealth accounts, which on the entire can no longer be stumbled on on completely different portals. Subsequent, we consist of corrections for offshore wealth and offshore capital profits, so as that our series on international capital profits inflows and outflows are fixed on the worldwide stage (e.g. they sum to zero), which is often no longer the case in existing databases.

Lastly, legit series for the consumption of mounted capital (capital depreciation) estimates must no longer readily obtainable for a immense preference of worldwide locations, so we combine varied sources and make original how to uncover fixed worldwide series.

As a kill end result, we are in a place to provide fixed worldwide series on national profits – i.e. GDP minus consumption of mounted capital, plus get international profits – which operate no longer exist in other areas.

WID.world uses 2011 Procuring Energy Parity spherical for worldwide comparisons. It must restful even be renowned that default monetary values for Eurozone worldwide locations are displayed in PPP Euros and are thus completely different from Market alternate price Euros. A Eurozone nation with high relative prices can non-public a decrease PPP Euro practical profits values. Market alternate charges values would perhaps perhaps even be received in our custom menus.

All these methodological picks can imprint a bit completely different values between WID.world and completely different recordsdata portals. They are described within the Metadata linked to every variable and within the linked methodological paperwork. Peep in particular the « World Nationwide Accounts Sequence Methodology » (right here) and the « Distributional Nationwide Accounts Pointers » (there).

To boot as, it’ll restful be renowned that there are certain worldwide locations akin to China where there might be mountainous controversy about imprint deflators and combination staunch boost. In such cases we overview all existing series and strive to combine them in potentially the most generous map. That is fully defined within the nation-advise papers.

Must you’ve got extra questions on the solutions, operate no longer hesitate to contact us.

There are already many on line financial recordsdata portals, why using WID.world? 

Over the previous a protracted time, the construct greater in financial inequalities modified into as soon as largely pushed by a upward thrust in profits and wealth accruing to the cease of the distribution. On the lots of hand, household surveys, the solutions sources historically extinct to stare these dynamics, operate no longer contend with these evolution completely. They give precious recordsdata and duvet a model of worldwide locations however operate no longer uncover adequately on profits and wealth ranges of the richest members.

WID.world overcomes this limitation by combining completely different recordsdata sources: national accounts, gaze recordsdata, fiscal recordsdata, and wealth rankings. By doing so, it turns into that you just would possibly presumably presumably also take into consideration to trace very exactly the evolution of all profits or wealth ranges, from the underside to the cease. The necessary novelty of the WID.world mission is to recount such recordsdata in a systematic map, allowing comparisons between worldwide locations and over long time sessions.

For extra recordsdata on what you would possibly perhaps uncover (and would perhaps perhaps also merely no longer uncover) on WID.world, click on right here.

What is the meaning of the industrial ideas extinct on WID.world? 

We strive our fully to recount financial ideas which would perhaps perhaps perhaps be fixed with national accounting (i.e. the intention extinct for measuring the industrial recount of a nation) and that would perhaps perhaps also construct sense for most of us. On every graph, users can click on on the “?” icon and would perhaps perhaps also merely uncover the definition of the ideas at stake.

Users would perhaps perhaps also recount our quickly-search note list to uncover the definition they wish.

How is WID.world funded?

WID.world is totally funded by public, non-profit actors and non-public donations.

For extra recordsdata on our funders, click on right here.

Within the event you resolve to toughen us, please click on on the DONATE button on the underside of the funding web page.

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