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Fermat’s Library | Digital Lottery Tickets as Micropayments annotated/outlined model.

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face cost

(or “prize cost”) of the lottery designate would, for our micro-

fee utility, be a modest amount like ten bucks. It must be vivid

ample so that the cost of processing the fee by the bank is limited com-

pared to the fee itself. The

expected cost

of the lottery designate is the face

cost of the designate times the likelihood that the designate will turn out to be a

winning designate.



would, in our example utility, be the particular person’s bank or credit rating

card firm. When the recipient items a winning lottery designate to the bank,

the bank will pay the recipient the face cost of the designate, and prices the particular person’s

story that mighty. In some circumstances, a bank might per chance well seemingly furthermore be every payer and issuer, and

the purchaser would have interaction the lottery tickets from his bank.


designate credential

might per chance well seemingly furthermore be a signed observation from the payer (bank) that

the issuer has an digital lottery micropayment story in factual standing with

the bank, and that the bank will pay for winning lottery tickets issued by that

issuer for the length of the month of (specify month). This credential might per chance well seemingly furthermore give other

phrases and prerequisites, or limitations, on the payer’s legal responsibility for such lottery

tickets, nonetheless the accumulate finish is to present proof to the recipient that, if the

designate wins, he is seemingly to receive fee from the payer.

The general tips sketched above can be woven into a quantity of existing pay-

ment protocols. In some circumstances it might per chance well seemingly furthermore add limited, in other circumstances it might per chance well seemingly furthermore vastly

decrease processing prices. These tips are supreme fantastic for micropayments, since it

is subtle to finish low-cost payments if every and every fee must be

separately processed by the particular person, the supplier, and the bank. Digital lottery

tickets vastly decrease the bank’s processing prices, since it sees most productive the winning

tickets. The computational prices to the particular person and the supplier are connected to

the prices of other fee protocols–they soundless have to finish a limited work for every


When a sequence of micropayments is made the utilization of digital lottery tickets,

there is a threat to the issuer that too many of them will turn out to be winners, and

a threat to the recipient(s) that too few of them will turn out to be winners. But

the regulation of vivid numbers takes over quick; it takes many micropayments sooner than

you are into “precise money.” The


cost of the payments is factual, and

the variance is no longer vivid. For example, if an issuer makes 10,000 micropayments

with an expected value of $100 by issuing lottery tickets with a face cost of $10

and a 1/a thousand likelihood of winning, then the likelihood that he in fact will pay much less

than $50 is much less than three%, and the likelihood that he will pay extra than $200 is much less

than zero.four%. Also, when interior indicators of the winning quantity are feeble, the

protocol might per chance well seemingly furthermore have the supplier snarl the issuer without lengthen at any time when a designate

wins, so the issuer can be aware his micropayment obligations.

This completes the description of the general map. The subsequent sections focus on

different facts and adaptations of the map.


The “customary” model of digital lottery tickets

We sketch in extra part the “customary” model.

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