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The creator of Her Account has teamed up with MGM and interactive entertainment firm Eko for a reimagining of WarGames, the 1983 Cold War thriller. Titled #WarGames, creator Sam Barlow’s up to date lunge on a hacker (or, on this case, hackers) versus the authorities shall be launched in 2018.

In an announcement, MGM and Eko described the original #WarGames as “an exhilarating narrative of newest espionage, hacking and authorities conspiracy.”

“With #WarGames I was once overjoyed to have interaction the questions raised by the authentic movie and question them all once more in a world the keep technology has essentially modified our lives,” Barlow said in an announcement. “To realize that interactively felt like a ideal marriage of produce and notify. I’m angry to introduce viewers to the original hacker protagonist, Kelly, who represents the breadth of newest hacker tradition and its humanity. As viewers attend steer her narrative, I’m hoping they’ll descend in admire with her as noteworthy because the #WarGames team did!”

The celebrated WarGames starred Matthew Broderick as hacker David Lightman, a high college student who unwittingly hacks steady into a U.S. militia supercomputer, dubbed the WOPR, whereas taking a observe for original video games to play. Lightman’s meddling with the supercomputer nearly kicks off World War III after the WOPR’s programming interprets a simulation of worldwide nuclear warfare now not as a game, but without any consideration converse.

Barlow is expedient is thought as the creator of Her Account, an interactive mystery scamper (and Polygon’s Game of the Yr in 2015). Barlow is moreover engaged on what he known as a “non secular successor” to Her Account.

#WarGames is the 2nd interactive assortment coming from Eko. The firm launched That Second When, a seven-episode, purchase your possess scamper-style sitcom, with Sony Photos Entertainment earlier this twelve months. You would possibly per chance well come up with the probability to look That Second When at the Eko web characteristic. #WarGames shall be readily accessible to look on the Eko web characteristic, the Eko gifts cell app, and on “a vary of partner platforms” aloof to be launched.

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