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Flexbox and Grids, your layout’s handiest chums

grids flexbox cover facebook
grids flexbox cover facebook

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It took bigger than six years to relish CSS Grids applied across all browsers. Within the course of its history, the spec has the least bit times been surrounded by controversy. In 2011, it became as soon as met with skepticism because the Microsoft Developer Crew launched prefixed support for IE10. The lack of understanding relating to the W3C proposal made some developers wonder if there became as soon as an precise need for one other layout arrangement, since we already had floats, tables, and some Flexbox working in browsers support then.

Nonetheless, thanks to the trouble of developers and CSS Working Group of workers individuals corresponding to Rachel Andrew and Jen Simmons, the Grids hype started to develop and, with that, the within the support of-flag and nightly implementations.

As of March 2017, Grids has been applied in each and each essential browser, but there are calm just a few myths and rumors surrounding the specification. The scheme of this share is to model out down those myths and trip constructing our websites with this new technique we use at Aerolab, called Frids-layout.

The notion that “Grids has arrived to damage Flexbox” or that now that Grids is willing for manufacturing we must calm use “Flexbox as Grid’s fallback” would possibly maybe presumably well show inappropriate. I’m hoping we can possess faraway from that mindset.

So endure with me and let’s capture a glimpse at those myths in describe to adore the factual energy of two applied sciences working together, instead of against each and each assorted. We’ll also scrutinize correct into an actual use case that’s currently in manufacturing and, at the head of the article, you’ll bag an HTML & CSS boilerplate so it is seemingly you’ll presumably well presumably start working with Grids this day.

The myths, busted

Of the sequence of “Grid vs. Flexbox” rumors that started to sprout support in 2010, the two I mentioned earlier are presumably the most handy ones rate debunking.

  1. Grids arrived to damage Flexbox.
    No. Easiest one will die tonight, and it’ll be you, Peter Pettigrew desk layout!
    Folk are inclined to pit applied sciences (and other folk…) against each and each assorted; and even though comparison and competition are frequently appropriate for the advance of the alternate, this isn’t a form of cases.

Flexbox and Grids were developed at identical times but with assorted dreams in mind, which we’ll analyze extra listed right here. If after finding out this you calm relish a shrimp spark of a doubt, do now not forget that Grids (1) and Flexbox (2) relish the identical editors for the W3C draft. They work together, they don’t compete with each and each assorted 😊

  1. Flexbox is Grid’s fallback.
    Don’t traipse the Quaffle whenever you occur to glimpse The Snitch
    This takes us support to the outdated point: Flexbox’s scheme is assorted from Grid’s. Due to this truth, we shouldn’t capture into fable the frail to be of strict use as a fallback, in particular since its support in IE browsers is as spoiled as Grids.

Working with Frids-layout

Let’s start by having a glimpse at their assorted use cases and the ways whereby they complement each and each assorted:

  • One-dimensional layouts
    In describe for you to lay your verbalize material in a single dimension, no matter if it’s horizontal (x-axis) or vertical (y-axis) and you catch to relish your layout to answer the component’s verbalize material, then flexbox is what you’re attempting to search out. It’s true upright for (but now not restricted to) components.
  • Two-dimensional layouts
    In describe for you to expose your verbalize material both on the x-axis and y-axis which implies you relish… A grid! This property is supreme for page layouts and refined, non-linear components.

There are, obviously, exceptions to each and each rule, but you are going to bag your self extra tickled whenever you occur to instruct Grids for essential and visually refined layouts and Flexbox for one line (or extra whenever you occur to command line breaks with flex-wrap) layouts.

As of 2017, developers became extra familiar with Flexbox than with grids, so whenever you occur to haven’t viewed Grids in manufacturing but, I’d extremely suggest you are attempting the Full Stack Fest Barcelona net page. They did an spectacular work with Grids within the speakers piece.

flexbox-grids-paunchy stack fest-barcelona

Even even supposing their dreams are assorted, they enact part just a few interior properties on fable of, finally, they are both layout tools. The shared properties are piece of a a tiny new CSS Box Alignment Specification, one thing that developers all across the enviornment were asking for for a indubitably lengthy time. Keep in mind the hellish ordeal of Vertical Alignment? Appropriate times.

The Box Alignment Spec

The new specification involves verbalize material distribution and self-alignment aspects that will presumably well additionally be applied to block components both in Flexbox or Grids.

Align components interior a flex container.


Distribute components interior a flex container.


Align components interior a grid container.


Let’s end for a 2nd and capture a nearer scrutinize at the outdated demo:

Initially, we form a Three-column grid the usage of the repeat() notation, each and each column is 1fr wide; then, we use align-objects and clarify-objects properties to align the cells within the X and Y axis and align-self and clarify-self to align a single cell or to stretch it to its paunchy on hand height.

These properties are shared by the versatile box layout so it is seemingly you’ll presumably well presumably be familiar with them. The essential incompatibility is we don’t kind “flex-originate” or “flex-conclude” but handiest “originate” or “conclude” accordingly.

Distribute components interior a grid container.


There is one other space of properties that Flexbox and Grids will part within the come future: grid-gap. This has been a extremely requested feature amongst developers and this also can enable us to specify the space between flex components. The grid-row-gap and grid-column-gap properties will be renamed to row-gap and column-gap respectively. But enact now not anxiety! Your novel code will defend on working ❤️


Flexbox and Grids together

Whereas you form your grid, it’s time to add verbalize material to the cells. Whether you catch to add photographs, textual verbalize material, or both, presumably the most handy manner of arranging them within the upright role is by the usage of Flexbox.


Embody the responsive

Unlike floats and various legacy layout programs, Flexbox and Grids were created within the multi-instrument abilities. Due to this truth, they were constructed with the responsiveness and fluidity that these assorted suggestions lack. You will bag that there are extra than one ways to make both of the two adapt to the user’s display cloak.

Fluid Flexbox Layout

Flexbox is responsive by default. Whereas you command show: flex to a part, you already relish a fluid layout, but reckoning on how noteworthy verbalize material you relish it is seemingly you’ll presumably well presumably also desire to command a minimum width to your components. To enact this, it is seemingly you’ll presumably well presumably capture support of flex-basis and flex-wrap.


Fluid Grid Layout

To make particular your grid layout will the least bit times be responsive and that its components will relish a minimum width, we can use the minmax feature and the new fr unit. This unit is designed to aid us form versatile grids. One fr equals a bit of the on hand dwelling within the grid container. Since it takes into fable the gap between cells, it does the total math for us and calculates the upright width for every and each cell.

grids-paunchy layout

Whereas you occur to ever catch to alternate your layout on little devices, it is seemingly you’ll presumably well presumably the least bit times depend upon media queries.

Ready for manufacturing

Both Grids and Flexbox are capable of be worn in manufacturing since they are currently supported on each and each essential browser. Microsoft Edge 15 has Grids support with an older syntax; Edge sixteen true mounted this within the stable originate on October Seventeenth with the Dwelling windows 10 Tumble Creators Update.

Whereas you occur to catch to totally support all browsers (yay!) then I’d extremely suggest the usage of feature queries to give an alternative layout for browsers that don’t support Grids or relish an older syntax.

Final but now not least, capture a glimpse at the reported bugs for Grids right here and for Flexbox right here.

The MagicCube Journey

MagicCube reached out to Aerolab to aid invent a brand new identity and form their new net page.

As soon as the UX and UI proposals for the files page were performed, we would possibly maybe presumably well straight glimpse that this became as soon as a huge create to be applied with CSS Grids. Since it has a fancy layout, we decided to implement it the usage of this new abilities alongside with feature queries for unsupported browsers and Flexbox to put together the interior components. Grids offers us mercurial customization and flexibility to meet any required changes in practically no time!

grids-magic cube

We wished to make particular we provided a appropriate taking a glimpse trip for everybody. Due to this truth, for Opera Browser, Samsung Net, and UC Browser we applied a swish degradation technique the usage of the CSS supports rule to expose an alternative and extra good layout.

The waste outcome became as soon as a fully responsive and accessible files page that can use a fancy layout when the user has a supportive browser, and otherwise will fallback on a easy create. CSS Grids will enable us to alternate the create pattern in a mercurial and good manner 💪

The use of Grids with Flexbox

Don’t let the muggles catch you down—originate the usage of CSS Grids this day. The counterfeit rumors about Flexbox Vs. Grids shouldn’t end you now from implementing new interesting layouts to your websites. Easy customization and big browser support are bigger than sufficient to welcome this technique into our day after day tooling.

Whereas you occur to would possibly maybe presumably well very smartly be now not particular the establish to originate, scroll down and download the boilerplate we made for you! 😉


Learning and the usage of CSS Grids would possibly maybe presumably well additionally be overwhelming within the originate. Fortunately, there are many resources available within the market to aid us out:

  1. Paper
    Our extinct, devoted honorable friend.
    The handiest manner to originate hooked in to a grid structure is to scheme it on paper; you’ll have the ability to glimpse which would possibly maybe presumably well presumably be the columns, rows, and gaps you’ll be working on. Doodling on paper doesn’t capture lengthy and this also would possibly maybe give you a greater thought of the total grid.
  2. Developer tools
    Firefox Developer Tools has a huge constructed-in integration with CSS Grids that can enable you to toggle a visualization of the columns, rows, and gaps of your novel grid.

    firefox-dev tools

    Chrome launched a identical arrangement, take a look at it out right here.

  3. Be taught, learn, play!
    Whereas you occur to didn’t catch the probability to are trying CSS Grids but, it is most realistic to calm capture a glimpse at these safe links:


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