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Though he made his title as a rapper, Frequent has extra and additional branched out into other genres of media: He’s starred in quite so much of motion footage (most no longer too prolonged ago because the villain of John Wick 2) and now he’s even making the soar to the broadcast online page.

Next Twelve months, LINE Webtoon will commence a unique digital comedian book series, Caster, about a uncommon antiques supplier whose esteem of luxurious and possibility causes him to acquire blended up on this planet of worldwide espionage. The title personality is no longer easiest in accordance to Frequent, the rapper could also be growing an exclusive obtain and soundtrack for the ongoing series as it moves from field to field.

The narrative for the series is being developed by the Proper Transmission team of Austin Harrison, Zach Howard, and Mike Raicht, with scripts by Raicht and art work by Jason Masters. Caster is thanks to commence in 2018.

EW spoke with Frequent about his plans for Caster, the scheme in which it differs from his acting occupation, and the fun of blending varied genres of art work.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How did you obtain entangled with Caster?
COMMON: My manager had met with the creators and producer of Caster and he mentioned, “I even possess a groovy graphic unique and they’re focused on you being the lead personality.” It’s a undeniable world, man! It’s dealing with antiques, and by the field of antiques, you procure out all these items about espionage and the Illuminati. I changed into esteem, “This sounds crazy nonetheless also stress-free and thrilling.” We mentioned bringing the track ingredient in it. I frequently esteem being in a space to integrate art work and lift worlds together. To possess a terribly huge half of art work, esteem Caster, after which content we’ll place apart track to it. And set apart it in a groovy scheme the establish it’s esteem a soundtrack, the establish there’s a unique song every field… Finally, we are able to place apart together a soundtrack and accomplish pop-the US varied locations. It factual opens up a world to attain in actuality frigid issues. Anytime you imagine your self as a graphic unique personality, you are feeling true. Even whenever you’re the villain, it’s esteem, “I’m being drawn up in a comedian book.” It’s impossible! Nonetheless it changed into the narrative and the field that purchased me going for Caster.

How is starring in a comedian book esteem this associated or varied to your acting roles?
It’s varied because I don’t wish to exit and act in entrance of the digicam, nonetheless I attain wish to present my point of view on who this person is, how he develops as a person, and the scheme in which he thinks. I’m no longer the creator on this, I factual possess enter. It’s extra esteem watching the narrative be drawn and told, and announcing either “I esteem that route” or “I don’t esteem this route.” Larger than something else, that’s the establish we are with it. As an actor, I obtain to collaborate with the director and design up with what I deem the personality to be. Then we poke from the director’s imaginative and prescient and obtain to the purpose the establish we’re sharpening one another and building on that. Nonetheless it’s comparable that I attain possess with the creators, announcing this or that would be a groovy scheme to pass. Overall the advent is in the palms of the writers and creators of Caster.

What is it you esteem about the personality Caster?
I esteem the field that he’s dealing in, the antique world. The dude is vogue-forward and frigid, nonetheless he’s in a world of antiques. I don’t essentially imagine that as a world you’d verify this slick sunless dude in. Then the depth of him is, his father changed into a hustler/gambler. He has that associated knack, nonetheless he’s in actuality about art work and humanity. That’s something I gravitate to, those are the issues I care about. It lets in for depth for our personality, because whenever you attain care about humanity and art work, nonetheless to acquire all these combating expertise, you gotta exit and fight the immoral guys, and normally you’re doing immoral. I esteem that. He desires to esteem, nonetheless can’t esteem. There are proper substances to this man.

What are you able to tease about the track? What are you aiming for?
What we’re aiming for is to attain something that factual feels abnormal and crosses varied genres. What we’re doing is growing track to keep up a correspondence to every field. So the manufacture of that field will lead me, so it’ll be esteem I wish to work with Pharrell for this field, or Robert Glasper for the following one, or SZA. What’s abnormal about it and the establish I’m going with it. As with a movie, we’ll allow the narrative to prepared the ground for the track, after which no longer essentially settle on it into the kind you’d deem. We would like to love a soundtrack that’s esteem whenever you hear to the Superfly soundtrack by Curtis Mayfield, and it factual fits the themes of the narrative so neatly. That’s what I wish to attain with Caster. Fancy I mentioned, we wish to attain frigid issues with it, esteem pop-americaand performing in varied locations esteem Funny Con, bringing the track component to something of that nature.

There’s a groovy multi-media component here. Whenever you commence mixing track and comics, there are such an excellent deal of other locations you’d furthermore settle on it, too. 
That’s what I esteem, bringing varied substances of what I attain as an artist and integrate those worlds. I’ve been extra and additional into the multi-media substances of it. Who knows, there could perchance presumably furthermore very neatly be a Caster play in the future, or we’d attain it with a symphony one day. Attributable to it’s a graphic unique, and I deem as an artist the sky is the restrict, we leer to settle on Caster to many locations.

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