‘Futurama’ returns — but there’s a twist

‘Futurama’ returns — but there’s a twist

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Discontinue you esteem to have to reach back to the thirty first century? Higher pay attention up. Literally.

After a four-three hundred and sixty five days hiatus, Futurama is indeed making a return, but there’s a grab right here. It’s solely for one episode, and it’s audio-solely.

The 42-minute double-size podcast episode of the Emmy-successful appealing sci-fi comedy reunites sequence overlords Matt Groening and David X. Cohen with the usual cast individuals as Fry, Bender, Leela, Professor Farnsworth, Zoidberg, Amy, and Hermes board the Planet Suppose headed to deleted file planet Junkleon 7. En route, they snide paths with Klaxxon, which is described as “a disagreeable existence originate soundless fully of soundwaves from twenty first-century podcasts.” Fry & Co. strive to place Earth from Klaxxon’s lethal and opposed soundwaves. As well to, place an ear out for Borax Kid, Calculon, and “All My Circuits.”

The podcast installment will likely be on hand on Sept. 14 on Nerdist, Soundcloud, and Spotify. The value? Free. (Hooray! A tickled ending for the non-rich of us!) Futurama‘s restricted audio reboot experiment is an outgrowth of the Futurama writers and cast reconvening to manufacture usual mumble for the honest lately-launched Futurama: Worlds of The next day to come cell sport, which enables avid gamers to transfer on Planet Suppose missions because the expose’s characters. And hang it or not, Speaking Ineffective host Chris Hardwick used to be instrumental in bringing this model of Futurama to existence. “Closing three hundred and sixty five days I cornered two graceful gents — Matt Groening & David X. Cohen — and pitched the premise of doing a new Futurama episode as a podcast/radio play since it’s one of my accepted issues AND I NEED MORE OF IT,” stated Hardwick in a press launch. “As of late I’m drooling with unfiltered pleasure to claim that a) it’s if reality be told taking place, b) I received to issue the villain (Klaxxon), and c) I’m a freaking head in a jar in Futurama: Worlds of The next day to come, a sport I’ve been feverishly taking half in since it got right here out. Galaxies of due to Matt, David and TinyCo for acquiescing to the maniacal ravings of a well-which implies fanboy.”

Futurama has advised a strangely sci-fi-ish paradox the place the episodes inspired the Futurama: Worlds of The next day to come sport, and now the game is spicy new episodes,” Cohen added in a press launch. “Hooray for a good deal of loops!”

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Chronicling the exploits of a pizza offer guy who wakes up 1,000 years into the future after being by likelihood cryogenically frozen and goes to work at offer company Planet Suppose, Futurama has survived cancellation extra than once. Seventy-two episodes aired on Fox from 1999 to 2003 forward of the expose used to be canceled; it returned to action in slack 2007 with a quartet of DVD motion photographs that hang been launched over a 15-month length. Comedy Central — which damage up airing those films as 16 “new” episodes — solely revived the sequence by commissioning sixty eight extra episodes forward of canceling the expose, its final episode airing in tumble 2013. Followers hang been treated to an appearance by a lot of of the characters on a 2014 crossover episode of Groening’s The Simpsons. There hang been questions and mumblings about whether the expose might presumably perhaps in a technique rise again from its extraordinarily shallow grave over the years, and this new audio-solely episode provides one other chapter to its never-direct-die legacy.

Futurama‘s issue cast entails Billy West, John DiMaggio, Katey Sagal, Phil LaMarr, Lauren Tom, Maurice LaMarche, Tress MacNeille, David Herman, and Frank Welker.

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