Future 2’s recent intelligent rifle is a nightmare in Crucible

destiny 2 exotic prometheus lens
destiny 2 exotic prometheus lens

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Bungie added a batch of recent and refreshed intelligent objects to Future 2 the day old to this with the originate of the sport’s first expansion, Curse of Osiris, alongside side a recent be conscious rifle that’s dominating the sport’s competitive multiplayer Crucible. Gamers are already pleading with Bungie to nerf the gun, named Prometheus Lens, and perchance even slay this weekend’s Trials of the Nine mode.

Prometheus Lens is a recent be conscious rifle vitality weapon, a associate piece to the unique Coldheart intelligent. What differentiates Prometheus Lens from Coldheart is the archaic’s Prismatic Inferno trait. “Fires a photograph voltaic be conscious beam that generates a unfavorable heat discipline that grows whereas the weapon continues to fireside,” the gun’s description reads. Kills with Prometheus Lens additionally return ammo to the weapon’s magazine, nonetheless it completely’s the rising photo voltaic harm and range of the recent intelligent that is wreaking havoc in Future 2 PvP presently.

Here’s a upsetting example of what Prometheus Lens is excellent of:

And right here’s what it appears like being on the receiving pause of this monster:

The aptly named Future Relaxing Police relish a longer verify at the Prometheus Lens in scramble, in PvE and PvP environments:

Prometheus Lens in fact seems prefer it wants a almost right this moment and substantial nerf, like so many Future exotics sooner than it (pondering of you, Vex Mythoclast), lest Crucible change into nothing nonetheless a flurry of photo voltaic vitality beams.

We’ve reached out to Bungie if and when this may perhaps occasionally well stability Prometheus Lens.

Update: It appears to be like that Prometheus Lens is indeed damaged. Curse of Osiris “shipped with a pc virus” energetic the weapon, said David “DeeJ” Dague, neighborhood manager at Bungie, on Twitter this morning.

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