George Takei denies 1981 sexual assault whisper

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Star Dawdle legend and outspoken activist George Takei has replied to a sexual assault whisper made by ancient model and actor Scott Brunton that date wait on to 1981.

“Chums, I’m writing to respond to the accusations made by Scott R. [Brunton]. I are looking out for to make certain you all that I’m as jumpy and bewildered at these claims as it is vital to undoubtedly feel discovering out them,” Takei wrote on Twitter early Saturday. “The occasions he describes wait on within the Eighties simply did no longer happen, and I attain no longer know why he has claimed them now. I in fact own wracked my brain to inquire if I be conscious Mr. Brunton, and I will no longer verbalize I attain.”

Takei added within the multi-tweet response that he takes the claims made by Brunton “very severely” nonetheless also foremost to respond to the allegations “no longer out of the 2nd.”

“Gorgeous now it is a he talked about / he talked about scenario, over alleged occasions nearly Forty years ago. But these that know me realize that non-consensual acts are so antithetical to my values and my practices, the very belief that any individual would accuse me of here is rather in my thought painful,” Takei wrote. Read his pudgy response below.

In an interview printed by The Hollywood Reporter leisurely Friday, Brunton, who was as soon as 23 at the time and appropriate starting his profession as a industrial model and actor, talked about he was as soon as living in Hollywood when he met a then Forty three- or 44-300 and sixty five days-ancient Takei at a bar. Brunton claimed the 2 struck up a friendship quickly after and later spent a night time collectively at dinner and a display veil after Brunton broke up along with his boyfriend. Brunton alleged the evening ended at Takei’s dwelling.

“We own now the drink and he asks if I’d love one other,” Brunton talked about to THR. “And I talked about obvious. So, I in fact own the 2nd one, and then all of a surprising, I initiate feeling very disoriented and dizzy, and I thought I was as soon as going to circulation out. I talked about, ‘I want to take a seat down down,’ and he talked about, ‘Take a seat over here,’ and he had the extensive yellow beanbag chair. So I sat down in that and leaned my head wait on and I own to own handed out.”

Brunton alleged when he awoke, Takei “had my pants down round my ankles and he was as soon as groping my crotch and looking out for to gather my undies off and feeling me up at the same time, looking out for to gather his fingers down my undies.” Brunton claimed he asked Takei what he was as soon as doing. “He goes, ‘It’s essential relax. I’m appropriate looking out for to gather you joyful. Salvage joyful,’” Brunton claimed. “And I talked about, ‘No. I don’t are looking out for to attain this.’ And I pushed him off and he talked about, ‘Sufficient, ravishing.’” Brunton talked about he build his pants wait on on and left, even after Takei warned him he was as soon as “in no situation to drive.”

“I was as soon as appropriate jumpy. I walked out and went to my car till I felt successfully ample to drive dwelling, and that was as soon as that,” Brunton talked about. In step with THR, Brunton’s fable was as soon as corroborated by Four of his company who recalled Brunton telling them about the incident.

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