George Takei says demanding feedback about sexual assault mirrored his ‘playful homosexual grandpa’ persona

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George Takei has responded to the controversy surrounding his interview with Howard Stern from October by blaming his “playful homosexual grandpa” persona.

Takei became no longer too prolonged ago accused of sexually assaulting extinct mannequin Scott R. Brunton in 1981. Brunton claims that Takei groped him and tried to coerce him into more sexual contact, “looking out for to salvage his fingers down [his] underclothes,” before Brunton managed to terminate the map upon. Takei has categorically denied the allegations, announcing the events Brunton describes “merely did no longer occur.” He also added in his assertion, “Non-consensual acts are so antithetical to my values and my practices.”

The topic then intensified when an October clip re-surfaced of Takei making touching on feedback to Howard Stern in an interview. They were discussing the then-no longer too prolonged ago unearthed allegations of sexual misconduct in opposition to Harvey Weinstein, and at one level, Stern asked Takei whether he’d ever groped a particular person without consent. After a interval of silence and Takei cracking “uh oh,” he mentioned, “Some participants are more or less anxious, and even … insecure, and as well you’re looking out for to persuade.”

When asked to make clear, Takei then clarified that this “habits” did no longer occur at work. “It became both in my dwelling [sic]. They got right here to my dwelling.”

In a prolonged Fb post printed Monday, Takei attempted to reveal himself, announcing the feedback are “distasteful” when taken “out of context” and apologizing for “making fun of a extreme topic.”

“For a long time, I really net performed the section of a ‘playful homosexual grandpa’ after I consult with Howard’s display mask, a caricature I now be apologetic about,” Takei endured. “But I desire to be decided: I really net by no means compelled myself upon any individual for the length of a date. Generally my dates were the initiators, and each so frequently I became. It became repeatedly by mutual consent. I procure out about now that that it has map upon poorly in the awkward sketch, and I explicit be apologetic about for playing along with Howard’s insinuation.”

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