Gossip Woman Distinguished particular person Ed Westwick Is Below Investigation Following Rape Accusation

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Ed Westwick is being investigated by the Los Angeles Police Department following actress Kristina Cohen’s claim that she used to be raped by the venerable Gossip Woman superstar in his Hollywood Hills home three years ago. In accordance to The Hollywood Reporter, Cohen filed the police document on Tuesday (November 7) after she posted a harrowing story of her sexual assault on her public Fb page.

Westwick denied the allegations in opposition to him on Instagram, posting, “I enact not know this lady. I agree with by no method forced myself in any formula, on any lady. I completely agree with by no method committed rape.”

The incident allegedly took remark in Westwick’s guest bedroom, where Cohen claimed the actor forcibly assaulted her whereas she used to be snoozing. “I used to be woken up by Ed on high of me, his fingers getting into my physique,” she wrote. “I told him to cease, nonetheless he used to be sturdy. I fought him off as exhausting as I might nonetheless he grabbed my face in his arms, shaking me, telling me he wanted to fuck me. I used to be afraid, scared. I couldn’t talk, I might now not sprint. He held me down and raped me.”

Cohen is the most recent Hollywood actor to near encourage forward with allegations of sexual assault within the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal that has rattled the industry. In early October, The Contemporary York Situations uncovered a long time of sexual harassment and sexual assault allegations in opposition to the industry titan. As of press time, fifty seven women folks — including Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Lupita Nyong’o, and Cara Delevingne — agree with publicly accused Weinstein of sexual misconduct.

But within the weeks that agree with followed since the scandal broke, or not it is change into more and more obvious that Weinstein used to be not incessantly the exclusively sexual predator in Hollywood who had been grossly abusing his vitality.

Last month, Roy Model, head of Amazon Studios, resigned over allegations of sexual harassment. And more than 300 women folks agree with accused director James Toback of sexual harassment since a Los Angeles Situations exposé reported that Toback had been harassing women folks for a long time. Producer and director Brett Ratner has filed a defamation lawsuit in opposition to a girl who alleged he raped her. Her accusation used to be share of the next memoir whereby six women folks, including X-Males superstar Olivia Munn, accused him of sexual harassment or assault.

It is not licensed immense-title producers and industry executives, both. Actors Jeremy Piven, Andy Dick, Dustin Hoffman, and Kevin Spacey agree with all since been accused of sexual misconduct in present weeks. Most not too long ago, Spacey used to be fired from his Emmy-winning Netflix series Residence of Playing cards after Buzzfeed News detailed the actor’s a long time-long history of making sexual advances in direction of underage men. The Oscar winner has moreover been accused of sexual harassment and assault by contributors of the Residence of Playing cards crew, including a venerable manufacturing assistant who described Spacey’s on-space habits as “predatory.”

And here is exclusively the origin. On Tuesday, The Contemporary Yorker published a monstrous story of Weinstein’s strive and win non-public records in regards to the women folks who accused him of sexual misconduct and journalists who were investigating it. This exclusively further proves that Hollywood’s deep-seated sample of sexual harassment can now not be an “open secret.” Extra importantly: Girls in Hollywood, like Cohen, can now not be silenced into submission.

Cohen made her painful assault public thanks to the many women folks and men who got here earlier than her in these unsettling previous few weeks — and in consequence, she mentioned she hopes her memoir evokes others to enact the same.

“I am hoping that my reviews and the reviews of others encourage to reset and realign the toxic environments and vitality imbalances that agree with created these monsters.”

It is moreover well-known to construct that that is just not forever in level of truth licensed a Hollywood exertion. In each industry there are men with vitality who mechanically abuse it just attributable to they’ll. But, like Cohen mentioned, the more we discuss this imbalance and address the systemic disorders that assemble it — like the evident lack of feminine management on the complete — the closer we nearly eradicating this more or less boys-club habits.

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