Gravity Travel 2 server shutdown postponed following fan advertising and marketing campaign

Gravity Travel 2 server shutdown postponed following fan advertising and marketing campaign

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Sony planned to drag the mosey on Gravity Travel 2’s online servers subsequent week, but an impassioned advertising and marketing campaign from the game’s fanbase seems to have prolonged the game’s lifestyles.

Gravity Travel 2’s online choices had been situation to switch darkish on Jan. 18, Sony presented reduction in September. However Sony presented a substitute of coronary heart lower than per week earlier than the shutdown, asserting that the game’s servers will now remain stuffed with life till July 18 at 10 p.m. PT.

When Gravity Travel 2’s servers finally terminate, players will no longer be ready to stare leaderboards, receive special protest or ship each and every other diverse challenges. The extension counts as a suited take for the PlayStation four-peculiar’s fanbase, which has pleaded with Sony for weeks to take dangle of Gravity Travel 2 alive.

For Gravity Travel Central, a younger, little fan neighborhood centered around the 2 Gravity Travel games, the extension feels care for a essential, private fulfillment. It’s managed to dangle a spacious impact attributable to its founder, who launched a hashtag advertising and marketing campaign on social media that inspired fellow followers to dangle their care for for the franchise identified.

“Sooner than the game’s liberate, the game’s director Keiichiro Toyama talked about that ‘a entire lot of work went into online choices that allow for asynchronous participant interaction,’” Gravity Travel Central founder Miguel (aka “Draikin”) acknowledged last month in a submit, hoping to galvanize fellow players. “All that work is set to be thrown away. And taking a glimpse forward, if Sony is already pulling make stronger for the gain parts of the game, it’s questionable within the occasion that they’ll ever want to speculate into a future sequel.”

There used to be aloof time to persuade Sony not to present up on Gravity Travel 2, Miguel argued. With the Jan. 18 shutdown date aloof a whereas away, followers could commence voicing their make stronger for the game, confidently gaining Sony’s attention earlier than it used to be too late.

#DontForgetGravityRush used to be born. Miguel requested that every person tweet at Sony’s Japanese division and president Shuhei Yoshida with the hashtag to dangle them responsive to the contingent that desired to take dangle of Gravity Travel 2 from going offline.

However it used to be tiresome going in the beginning, Miguel told Polygon.

“I knew it could probably well be presumably not for Sony to answer without prolong, as acknowledging that the prolong of the closure used to be an immediate result from the #DontForgetGravityRush advertising and marketing campaign could give followers of other games the basis of beginning an identical advertising and marketing campaign,” Miguel acknowledged.

We’ve reached out to Sony about whether the hashtag performed a allotment within the prolong and could aloof update accordingly. But finest as the neighborhood got ready to start its finest Twitter tactic but — tweeting “en masse” at Sony to receive their attention — Sony kicked reduction the server shutdown date.

The six-month prolong is a take for Gravity Travel Central, albeit a licensed one.

“It doesn’t basically repair the considerations that is doubtless to be attributable to the closure, such as new players being unable to dangle uncommon in-game protest (such as costumes) and all of the leaderboards being eradicated (even though they’re aloof online for Gravity Travel Remastered),” acknowledged Miguel. “However we’ll gaze what the prolonged bustle brings.”

Gravity Travel’s future could now appear dim. The game is basically single-participant and myth-basically basically based totally, so disabling its online parts could not appear care for a essential loss. However to a pair, it could probably counsel a little participant detrimental and meager sales. The sequel to an acclaimed PlayStation Vita game, Gravity Travel 2 didn’t receive the finest buzz when it launched in early 2017; Sony has not made sales knowledge available within the market.

It’s too early to jot down off Gravity Travel as a franchise, though. Miguel is optimistic that the impact of the advertising and marketing campaign and server prolong could support bolster ardour in this stylish, uncommon title.

“When Sony first presented the closure, it basically branded the game as a failure,” Miguel told Polygon. “Now, this knowledge methodology the game and its neighborhood is now being featured in gaming media in a extra advantageous manner again. I hope that the game’s sales can add up over time.”

Polygon had some excessive followers of Gravity Travel 2 when it launched last year; the game moreover made it onto our checklist of the 50 finest games of 2017. It’s rate making an strive out, online mode or not — but no lower than you’ll aloof be ready to dangle a determination to switch browsing, till July 18, anyway.

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