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The sphere of Grey’s Anatomy is expanding over again with a firefighter-trouble hobble-off that aspects flagship fixture Ben Warren trading his scrubs for a enviornment within the firehouse.

Launching out of a March episode of Grey’s, the ten-episode drama follows a crew of devoted firefighters — including father figure Captain Pruitt Herrera (Miguel Sandoval), charismatic charmer Jack (Grey Damon), and main girl Andy Herrera (Jaina Lee Ortiz) — who set their lives on the line at some stage in high-stakes rescue missions. How will Ben (Jason George) deal with his contemporary occupation?

“It feels luxuriate in Ben’s without a break in sight starting over,” George tells EW. “This was as soon as a man deathly anxious of fire, and now he’s going after it for a residing.” To be appropriate, he would possibly well possibly additionally tranquil doubtlessly be more anxious of the response that his partner, chief Bailey (Chandra Wilson), would possibly well possibly own to his giant plod. For more scoop, read our bulky interview with George below. (And test out our Q&A with showrunner Stacy McKee here.)

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: When did you first hear in regards to the possible of provocative from Grey’s Anatomy to the hobble-off?
JASON GEORGE: It’s form of crazy. I obtained the most predominant name doubtlessly lend a hand in July sometime. I bear in mind I was as soon as literally throwing my formative years and my nephews around in a pool lend a hand on the east flee, and I obtained a name and besides they’re luxuriate in, “Would you be curious to desire a name from Shonda Rhimes and Betsy Beers at 5 this afternoon?” I was as soon as luxuriate in, “Are you allowed to turn that down?” [Laughs] When they talked to me, they gave me an thought creatively of how this will work and the design in which it would possibly possibly well possibly invent sense, and it in actuality sparked my interest. You be conscious the opportunity and it ended up being something that I obtained more and more focused on as time went on. The annoying section was as soon as the nearer it obtained, the more I obtained exasperated, but I tranquil couldn’t talk about about it, on yarn of it wasn’t out within the world yet.

Did you watched that this can additionally happen exasperated by Ben was as soon as so game to set individuals alongside the firefighters within the season thirteen finale?
Now no longer in the slightest degree. What was as soon as humorous was as soon as, I if fact be told had no idea that was as soon as within the playing cards.

Were you disturbed at all that provocative to the hobble-off would suggest depraved recordsdata for Ben and Bailey?
Yeah, that was as soon as a project of mine. They informed me, “Effectively, you’re doubtlessly true to be troubled, on yarn of I’m obvious Bailey is going to be troubled,” so I believe we’re tranquil within the center of realizing what which formula. I’m as great partial to the current as any one, so I’m figuring it out myself.

Once Ben in actuality is centered on this contemporary job, how attain you watched that can well possibly additionally either invent issues annoying and even possibly spice up their marriage?
This goes for certain one of two techniques — either it stresses them out, possibly breaks them, or they fetch a technique to work thru it. In the occasion that they fetch a technique to work thru it, who doesn’t luxuriate in a dude in a firefighter outfit? There’s no downside of being married to a firefighter, rather than for the very fact that you just fetch up on each day basis anxious they would well possibly additionally no longer design dwelling. But as lengthy as they design dwelling, I figure issues are stunning edifying as soon as they fetch dwelling. I believe that section, the piquant section, comes in barely lovely on yarn of on each day basis a firefighter walks thru the door, the person waiting for him at dwelling would possibly well possibly additionally possibly be stunning exasperated, and the uniform appears all true, too. I for certain imagine that there’s going to be stress with out reference to what, whichever technique it goes. If it breaks them up, then I in actuality own no idea how it’s going to be, on yarn of here’s for certain one of the important firetrucks that brings patients to the well being center on Grey’s Anatomy. It would possibly possibly well possibly additionally fetch in actuality awkward if that is the case. I’m as fervent to assign how this turns out as everybody.

Ben has been coaching for this, but how would possibly well possibly additionally he combat taking on this contemporary occupation?
It feels luxuriate in Ben’s without a break in sight starting over, however the wintry section is that’s for certain one of the important issues I luxuriate in about Ben, on yarn of he’s exasperated to pursue contemporary issues and slide up to contemporary challenges. This was as soon as a man deathly anxious of fire, and now he’s going after it for a residing. That claims loads about him as an particular individual. That said, Ben tends to own two speeds, discontinuance and mild-weight scamper, and as soon as in a whereas that’s no longer constantly a vast thing going so hard and so instant at something. He’s well-organized enough and talented enough that it on the total works out for him, but as we’ve considered, as soon as in a whereas there’s a request mark there. That’ll be attention-grabbing to assign how that works out for Ben.

Ben has changed jobs a decision of times. What’s to suppose he won’t alternate his strategies about this, too?
To be completely appropriate, nothing. As an actor, every job you own is going to full at some point. That’s no longer so great varied than the leisure of the world, we valid don’t own illusions about it. The favored individual changes occupation paths two or thrice at some stage in their lifestyles. Ben happens to be any person that is completely elated with the inspiration, “Yeah, let’s switch issues up.” Most folks don’t alternate careers on yarn of they want to fetch settled and in actuality feel stability, and Ben has no project being in a provocative impart. Would possibly possibly he alternate his strategies again sometime? Yeah, but I are inclined to think he doesn’t attain stuff luxuriate in that till he is conscious of — for a lack of a bigger be conscious — he’s mastered this thing. He goes after it till he can explain, “Yeah, I did that. Nobody can request the very fact that I did that and was as soon as excellent of it and was as soon as legit, so now I’m edifying.” He was as soon as a bomb anesthesiologist, he was as soon as a giant title resident, who, thru the fine info of all of it, was as soon as tranquil kicking some extreme ass at the discontinuance of the day. Now he’s luxuriate in, “Let me slide present myself.” Any firefighter he comes at some stage in will be ready to suppose, “Yeah, you doubtlessly did that.” That’s when he would possibly well possibly additionally possibly be enough with altering up again.

How attain you in fact feel the hobble-off is thematically and tonally either identical or varied from Grey’s?
That is what I’m digging in regards to the thought that is, it is within the Grey’s universe, so there’s going to be change parts that followers will completely acknowledge and treasure, no longer the least of which is, there’s constantly going to be humor and feels. You’re going to in actuality feel some form of technique, grab the pearls, fetch misty, drop just a few tears every as soon as and a whereas. That can in actuality feel very familiar. What I luxuriate in with these relationships is that firefighters are a dysfunctional family. They are no longer blood relatives, but they are family fingers down, nearly beyond something else else. They exhaust dinner together, they live together every 24-hour shift; literally, they’re a family for these lessons when they’re on shift, a family that also happens to completely and completely own their lives reckoning on every other in a technique that as soon because it comes to no other job does. There’s so great that’s familiar to Grey’s followers, but when Ben is within the OR, he needs his crew and chums that are his extended family to lend a hand him up so he can set this individual’s lifestyles, but out within the world as a firefighter, he needs his crew to set his lifestyles or he needs to be there to set their lives. They’re backing every other up besides to saving other individuals’s lives. You screw up, you don’t lose any person that you just met an hour within the past, you screw up, you lose your finest pal, your brother, your sister, and that’s an extra level that hasn’t been launched within the Grey’s universe yet.

Because he’s valid becoming a member of the crew, attain you watched there will be problems with have confidence?
Yeah, have confidence is earned. To a degree, it valid comes with time. He exhibits up and he’s brand contemporary. He would possibly well possibly additionally know intellectually every thing to attain, but he hasn’t been there lengthy enough for it to be absolute and full reflex yet, so as that’s the stuff that can fetch attention-grabbing. That’s the stuff that takes time, so it’s going to be stress-free to assign how these relationships invent over time on yarn of some individuals have confidence simply, some individuals don’t. Love I said, it’s a dysfunctional family, and that’s going to be a extraordinarily stress-free thing seeing this character that Grey’s followers own watched for years drop in a brand contemporary circumstance. They’re tranquil going to assign some familiar faces, on yarn of here’s the ambulance and firetrucks that pull up to Grey Sloan. So that you just’ll be conscious him with of us that he is conscious of and has valid historical previous with on occasion, after which you’ll also be conscious the of us who are luxuriate in, “Gape, I don’t know you yet.” That’s the stress-free section to play. I valid in actuality feel blessed so that you just can play this character that I’ve in actuality design to luxuriate in, but flip it on its head and strive a brand contemporary thing. It’s luxuriate in getting the entire cake and likewise you fetch to exhaust it too, on yarn of on the total for actors you own to completely leave a job and the family you’ve constructed over just a few years to fetch that contemporary actor adrenaline stride of starting a brand contemporary gig.

Delight in you heard how great crossover there will be between the 2 exhibits? When Non-public Note did it, it was over again of a important occasion, whereas exhibits from the Chicago franchise attain it more weekly, but smaller cameos.
I don’t know if I’d suppose the Chicago exhibits because the analogy for us. My working out is, Ben will be popping up in Grey’s Anatomy some and some of your current Grey’s Anatomy of us will be popping up within the hobble-off. When it was as soon as Non-public Note, the present was as soon as situated in Los Angeles, so by definition, it needed to be an occasion when they came up to Seattle or vice versa. This one will be an occasion, but it indubitably also doesn’t would possibly well possibly additionally tranquil be. The stress-free section is, the writers own a humiliation of riches, they are able to play it any technique they wish it at any given time. They’d well possibly additionally own a mega occasion that goes at some stage in each and each exhibits, or they would well possibly additionally valid drop off an particular individual for a bit bit and slide own a beer. “Hey Avery, here’s my pal from the firehouse.”

Grey’s has been developing the hobble-off mainly thru Ben Warren running around coaching with his shirt off. Did that invent you at all wired to bulk up for these scenes?
A brother valid wants a bit more warning, that’s all. [Laughs]

Are you able to tease when and the design in which Grey’s will in actuality introduce the hobble-off?
In the lend a hand half of Grey’s, there will be no longer no longer up to 1 episode before the hobble-off airing that you just’ll fetch to meet among the characters from the hobble-off. I’m obvious they’ll attain it in giant Grey’s model, as they’re want to attain. And then these exhibits will coexist on the air and let the combination start. It’s nearly luxuriate in within the occasion you start dating any individual, you’re bringing them to meet your chums as soon as in a whereas and besides they’re bringing you to meet their chums as soon as in a whereas. It’s nearly how it feels. I walked into my trailer at Grey’s and there own been my firefighter boots and I believed, “That is out of the ordinary.”

The Grey’s Anatomy hobble-off will first open in an episode of the flagship slated for March before debuting sometime within the spring. Read our Q&A with showrunner Stacy McKee here.

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