Grey’s Anatomy recap: ‘Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story’


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The Vancouver-certain prepare fracture from season 2 that yielded two strangers being shish-kebabed by a pole, the ferry disaster of the Zero.33 season, and final 365 days’s building give draw rep been only just some of the comprehensive catastrophes which rep made Grey’s Anatomy the worst tourism ad for Seattle nonetheless damn appropriate sort television. Tonight’s Three hundredth episode presents up but but another calamitous event to add to the Grey’s pantheon: a roller coaster vehicle that derails at a local dazzling.

Earlier than that emergency pulls in, though, the episode opens with an Easter egg (one in all many): Meredith on a ferry, having a earn personal of on the water as her inform-over says, “Surgeons are scientists, skilled to imagine in that which we can peer and touch. But that coaching doesn’t repeatedly take hang of.” When she goes to but another level, Karev is gazing for her on a bench. “Was as soon as he contented for you?” he asks. “No, he used to be jealous,” she answers with only a splash of a smile — the presumption being that Meredith used to be bucking her scientist coaching by talking to Derek in one in all his favorite areas, telling him about her Harper Avery nomination.

Amelia, meanwhile, forgets one thing and walks into Owen’s home, catching both Owen and Carina off guard as they’re enjoying two French issues: toast and kissing. Every Owen and Amelia awkwardly dance round the reality that this isn’t in actuality as awkward because it could well even peaceful be excited by they handiest no longer too prolonged within the past divorced.

As for Bailey and Ben, they’re truly having marital considerations: Ben’s secret about entering into the hearth coaching academy is out, and Bailey is mad sufficient to know public transportation simply to support far from being within the the same vehicle as him.

At Arizona’s home, Arizona has painted several squares of diversified shades of green on Sofia’s primitive bed room wall. There’s additionally a single blue square. In case you can even take into accout: At some stage in their custody battle, when Callie’s novel female friend Penny used to be being grilled on the stand about Sofia’s likes and dislikes, her favorite coloration wait on then used to be blue. The camera pans over to Sofia’s crib, prolonged covered in plastic, and Sofia’s name in puny one décor on the wall. It’s been too prolonged since her puny one’s been home.

Help at Grey Sloan Memorial, we’re greeted by a neatly-diagnosed residing: the novel interns on the stretchers within the tunnel where we first met Meredith and Co. when they rep been interns. The inexperienced persons are doing the the same ingredient the primitive interns did: complaining about how drained they’re.

Meredith and Karev are walking by the halls as Karev tries to persuade Meredith to leave already and earn on the Avery non-public jet certain for the Harper Avery Award ceremony in Boston. He tells the understandably airplane-wary Meredith to think of the airplane mosey as a roller coaster. Earlier than she will acknowledge, the interns come stampeding by, shouting that there’s an incoming trauma.

The first ambulance in holds Dean, the particular person who threw himself between some kids and the errant roller coaster vehicle. The next emergency vehicle holds the right roller coaster vehicle with the 2 riders peaceful in it. The mammoth shock, though? The heart-broken pair eerily resemble George O’Malley and Cristina Yang. They’re even bickering cherish they did, too, and their names are Greg and Cleo. Things earn even stranger when their buddy Liza, who’s amazingly pregnant (and fortuitously wasn’t on the coaster), arrives. She is a ringer for Izzie and even says “severely,” cherish, loads. The similarities compose the name of the coaster — the Mirage — seem namely apropos.

Meredith throws on a robe after chiding Alex for his humorous epic earlier: “And as well you talked about, ‘Take into consideration it as a roller coaster mosey.’” Jackson sees Meredith gowning and is harassed since she has to be on his jet, heading to Boston. Maggie, Zola, and Catherine come dressed to the nines, ready to earn going, nonetheless Meredith is now certain to rep, namely after checking out that the ghostly trio are all interns at Seattle Presbyterian.

Bailey and Webber suit as much as abet out with the trauma, additionally entirely floored by the resemblance to George and Cristina. Ben wants in on the action, too, nonetheless since Bailey is peaceful mad, she places him on literal clown-stitching responsibility.

Amelia insists that Dean wants a head CT. His circumstances fully remind her of Derek, nonetheless Owen says they must address Dean’s existence-threatening injuries first.

Pregnant No longer Izzie/Liza is frantically impatient within the waiting narrate, insisting she’s gorgeous, as Alex can’t terminate looking out at her. He tells Jo that Liza is Izzie, and creepily, Jo responds, “Significantly?” With out warning, No longer Izzie faints, nonetheless Alex catches her, straight scoops her into his palms, and carries her to a stretcher, equal to when Alex carried the precise Izzie after Denny’s loss of life in season 2.

Meredith, Bailey, Webber, and April are peaceful tending to Greg and Cleo when Greg stops breathing. Webber rapid assesses that it’s his neck that’s the self-discipline, which leads to Meredith having to physically support Greg’s head in traction. Because everybody keeps looking out at Greg and Cleo, they sooner or later describe to the pair that they discover cherish their primitive friends. Unsurprisingly, this perturbs Cleo, whose mad outbursts sound so powerful cherish Cristina that I earn goose bumps. At final, though, she realizes they’re being helped by the Meredith Grey and Jackson Avery, and equal to how Meredith’s fellow interns referenced Ellis Grey within the early days, Cleo calls Meredith and Jackson “surgical royalty.”

Webber devises a idea to earn the pair out of the vehicle, which is a success; nonetheless, considerations arise when they tag Cleo has a puncture damage that begins bleeding profusely. As Meredith is rushing Cleo to an OR, Cleo tells her she no longer has an self-discipline with Meredith pondering of her as her buddy. “Pretend I’m your buddy. Place me cherish I’m your buddy,” No longer Cristina pleads with Meredith. Bet who’s no longer going to Boston after that? (Recap continues on web page 2)

Ben is stitching Bozo when Bello, one in all the interns (and DeLuca’s ex), asks him where central offer is. Ben makes DeLuca describe her, which for certain magically turns into the appropriate opportunity for them to rep intercourse as an alternate. Who knew surgical supplies would possibly well even be so horny?

Amelia is heated when she finds out from an intern that Owen is working on Dean with out a need performed a head CT. She bursts in on his surgical treatment with a head CT machine and even places the radiation apron on Owen as he’s working so she will earn it performed. Feeling usurped, Owen mistakenly believes Amelia’s actions are relating to the “French toast” that morning. She insists that the French toast used to be ideal, and besides, it appears her hunch used to be lawful: Heart-broken Dean’s brain is bleeding. Fortunately for him, Amelia saves him while additionally managing to rub it in Owen’s face. She’s such a Shepherd.

Greg wants a spinal fusion, and Webber and Bailey are working on him when Webber calls him “O’Malley.” He tells Bailey that it’ll be appropriate sort with a opinion to connect this O’Malley.

It appears No longer Izzie’s puny one has a tumor and she or he is experiencing Mediate Syndrome, where every thing her fetus goes by, she additionally feels. Because Greg is her birthing partner and is obviously in another case indisposed, she asks Karev to stay with her. Arizona rushes her into an OR, where, with a opinion to distract her from the unpleasant map she’s doing, she tells her about how Sofia is coming to reside with her and how nervous she is. She goes into how powerful she misses Label, even supposing she resented his perpetual ease. Your puny one’s coming right here. You’re freaking out about paint colors. You’re gonna take hang of her for ice cream and it’s gonna be the appropriate ingredient ever is what she imagines Label would mutter her on this moment.

After her puny one is efficiently delivered, Jo tells Karev to call Izzie. He tells her he doesn’t must, that he is conscious of she’s contented and married with kids, that her home smells cherish desserts, and that he fair wishes to describe her this sort. He wishes to describe Izzie as contented as he is with Jo. Cue the first tears of the episode…

As Greg is being wheeled out after his surgical treatment, Bailey sooner or later confronts Ben. She’s upset that he’s long previous from looking out to be an anesthesiologist to a surgeon and now he wishes to be a firefighter. Persevering with with the theme of tonight’s landmark episode, he tells her that he doesn’t wish to reside with a ghost — who he would possibly well also want been if he had been audacious sufficient to know a seek at.

As Meredith and April efficiently attain Cleo’s surgical treatment, Webber and Bailey come into the OR. The the leisure of the workers and Zola file into the gallery above as they spark off a monitor. Appears the Harper Avery Awards are going down in that moment. They seek as Catherine broadcasts that Meredith has received and Avery delivers an acceptance speech that references every profound loss Meredith has experienced, nonetheless then explains that she’s grew to turn into her loss into drive. As the camera reveals Bailey crying and Zola having a seek down proudly at her mom, it’s then that we peer Ellis standing gradual Zola, smiling down at her daughter.

The tears continue to float within the following scene, when Arizona walks into her home with an anxious Sofia, who tells her that she misses her Mama. “I carry out, too,” Arizona assures her sooner than telling her she has ice cream and she or he’s going to let her rep out her personal room coloration. And by the time we are treated to a describe on the wall of Arizona, Callie, Label, and Sofia as an toddler, I’m weeping.

Owen and Meredith are standing exterior Cleo’s room. “In actuality, you don’t peer the similarity?” Meredith asks, incredulous, sooner than offering to textual sing Burke an image to monitor what he thinks. Owen tells her there’s handiest Cristina, and we all know he isn’t putrid.

Help within the tunnel where it started, Meredith and Karev kick the interns off their stretchers. Alex pops a bottle of champagne as Cristina calls to query Meredith if she feels diversified. “Rattling straight she does,” Alex answers.

Meredith’s voiceover closes out No. 300: “History and memory and the ghosts of our previous are normally fair as tangible as the leisure we withhold in our palms.”

Rattling straight they’re.

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