I, Tonya celebrity Margot Robbie on how the media ‘villainized’ Tonya Harding


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When Olympic figure skating hopeful Nancy Kerrigan became clubbed on the knee at a coaching session in 1994, it made headlines all the arrangement thru the sector — and all eyes soon became to her skating rival Tonya Harding, who became accused of plotting the assault with her ex-husband and her bodyguard.

However Margot Robbie, who plays Harding within the upcoming film I, Tonya, says the skater’s now-notorious recognition became closely fashioned by frenzied media protection.

“It became care for this big game of Chinese whispers whereby two decades later, everyone remembers with fully sure bet that [Harding] became the one retaining a baseball bat bashing in Nancy Kerrigan’s kneecap,” Robbie told EW in a up to date interview. “Of us would come up and be care for, ‘Oh, I endure in strategies that going down, I endure in strategies seeing her hit somebody with a baseball bat.’ … That didn’t happen! It just didn’t.”

She added that Harding “became villainized so worthy by the media that folk undoubtedly endure in strategies the total factor fully otherwise. And so that they endure in strategies it with absolute conviction, which I chanced on bright.”

Harding indirectly pleaded responsible to conspiring to hinder prosecution within the assault and became banned from figure skating for lifestyles, though she has long denied any involvement within the planning.

Robbie’s costar Allison Janney, who plays Harding’s mother, acknowledged of the film, “You leave having a sure thought about [Harding], I mediate. The viewers will aloof manufacture up their own strategies about how worthy she became concerned or no longer, however I mediate they’ll come away with quite extra empathy for her.”

See the video above for extra from Robbie, Janney, and the the relaxation of the I, Tonya solid. The film opens Dec. Eight.

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