In U.P., potato farmers dump their plot as prices atomize

In U.P., potato farmers dump their plot as prices atomize

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Immense dumps of rotting potatoes will probably be spotted on both aspect of the kutcha toll road ensuing in Bhimakpura village. The stench emanating from them is unbearable. But for hungry mules and cows, the potatoes, discarded by farmers and chilly storages, are a welcome address.

“On the very least these animals are helping us clear it, or else all this would perhaps lead to sickness,” mentioned younger farmer Anuj Yadav, who is stacking Pokhraj potatoes freshly reaped on his family’s 20 bigha land some distance away.

This year, Mr. Yadav, a resident of Tirwa, has already obtained 50 sacks of potatoes (one sack holds 50 kg on average) from beautiful three bighas.

Production is now not the predicament here. Farmers are discovering it difficult to sell their plot at a hit rates. Mr. Yadav fears the potatoes grown by him this year will face the identical destiny as his plot closing year, when he produced 200 sacks. Out of it he sold a hundred available in the market, while the a range of half of he dumped in a cold storage, in the expectation that the authorities would resolve it or the rates would give a take to. That didn’t happen.


And as prices fell and the contemporary sever began pouring in, Mr. Yadav’s ancient potatoes modified into a authorized responsibility as they had no takers. Withdrawing them from the chilly storage and transporting them to the marketss in the hope of a a hit sale would entail further charges for him.

“So I left them to rot. The chilly storage dumped it outdoor as I didn’t fling to come to a decision on it up. The authorities did now not rob a single kilo. Where else will I glean the potatoes?” he requested. To boot to the cost of the sever, which involves around ₹6-eight per kg, Mr. Yadav would even dangle to pay ₹240 per quintal to the chilly storage. “I amassed owe them money. They’ll squeeze it out from me subsequent season or is now not going to permit me to retailer my potatoes,” mentioned Mr. Yadav.

Closing year, Uttar Pradesh produced a hundred and fifty five lakh metric tonnes of potatoes, the best possible ever in the Articulate. On the opposite hand, the bumper sever resulted in a dash in rates for farmers. To produce them reduction, the Yogi Adityanath authorities launched a market intervention, below which the Articulate agencies would resolve 1 lakh metric tonnes at a toughen ticket of ₹487 per quintal. On the opposite hand, farmers alleged that the Articulate left them in the lurch.

At most curious, fully their most curious potatoes were chosen, leaving the bulk of the plot at their disposal with few takers. Consequently of the Articulate’s grading plot, of a quintal on average fully 20 kg of potatoes, the vivid, soft, medium-sized ones, would be chosen, mentioned Kuldeep Singh, a farmer.

Price delays

“What create I create with the remainder? After we sell to the authorities, the cost entails a lengthy direction of because it is a long way carried out thru the bank. We are laborious-pressed to pay the labour and settle our dues in money. So we sell our plot to the merchants, who couldn’t give us agreeable rates but are now not so choosy about grading,” mentioned Mr. Singh.

Per a authorities profitable, 12,937 quintals of potatoes, the best possible-ever, were purchased from farmers in April-Can also fair closing year. This pushed up the bustle for farmers by ₹a hundred per quintal. “But then farmers began getting bigger than the authorities ticket in the markets; so that they stopped coming to us,” mentioned S.P Joshi, Director, Uttar Pradesh horticulture division.

And the price is at the core of the discontent. Per farmers, to develop 1 kg of potato, along with charges of storage, required an investment of ₹eight-9.

Geetendra Yadav, a farmer-cum-activist, mentioned the minimal rate to develop a kg of average-quality potatoes modified into once ₹6.27, bigger than the ₹4.87 offered by the authorities.

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