Judd Apatow calls Andy Dick’s habits ‘reprehensible’


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Judd Apatow says he has spoken to a girl who at the moment accused Andy Dick of sexual assault, and he confirmed that the actor would no longer be returning to Apatow’s Netflix series, Like.

On Sunday, Morgan Paige claimed on social media that Dick violently and again and again groped her with out consent whereas at a membership for the first time alongside side her sister. “He makes a lewd gesture, shouts something angrily as he then throws middle fingers within the air, and puts his hand abet on my leg,” she wrote, after recounting makes an try to resolve away Dick’s hand from her thigh. “As folks stand up, he clasps onto my hand. I will’t accumulate my hand out. He starts vitality strolling with me via the crowd to a extra weird roped off area and I strive to trail his hand off mine. Ultimately an buddy grabs his to boot, and lies to him, asserting I’ll return, so he leaves us.”

Paige tagged Judd Apatow again and again within the Twitter thread, implying that his casting of Dick on Like turned into as soon as “disappoint[ing].” Dick appeared in both seasons of the Netflix comedy that have aired to this level, taking half in a fictionalized version of himself.

On Monday evening, Paige updated her followers, indicating that she had spoken to Apatow and moreover they’d a “correct talk.” Apatow then posted a immediate statement on the topic to Twitter.

“Clearly Andy Dick’s habits is reprehensible,” he wrote. “We used him twice on our uncover two years ago when he turned into as soon as sober for a long duration in show to abet him to commerce his lifestyles. Sadly he has no longer. We no longer exercise him on our uncover.” (Dick most at the moment appeared within the episode “Housesitting,” which alongside with the rest of season 2 premiered in March of this year.)

In October, two unnamed sources urged the Hollywood Reporter that Dick inappropriately groped, kissed, licked, and/or made sexual proposals toward at least four folks all the very best procedure via manufacturing of the honest movie Elevating BuchananTHR subsequently reported that Dick allegedly exhibited a linked habits on the placement of Vampire Dad, a low-budget comedy movie. He has since been fired from both movies.

Dick denied the groping allegations to THR but confirmed various aspects of the outlet’s reporting. “I didn’t grope anybody. I would want kissed anyone on the cheek to exclaim goodbye and then licked them. That’s my ingredient,” he acknowledged. “I licked Carrie Fisher at a roast. It’s me being funny. I’m no longer searching to sexually harass folks. I didn’t resolve anybody’s genitals … Obviously I’m going to proposition folks. I’m single, uncomfortable, lonely and searching to accumulate a date. They’ll upright exclaim no, and moreover they doubtlessly did and then I turned into as soon as carried out.”

Dick may possibly not be reached for rapid commentary on Paige’s allegations of assault or Apatow’s response.

Dick’s historic previous of alleged sexual misconduct goes abet decades. He turned into as soon as literally removed from the placement of Jimmy Kimmel Live by the host in 2007, after he continuously touched fellow guest Ivanka Trump are living on the air.

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