Julie Chen on ‘Tremendous Brother’ bullying accusations: ‘No one has advance ahead’ to say abuse

Julie Chen on ‘Tremendous Brother’ bullying accusations: ‘No one has advance ahead’ to say abuse

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Tremendous Brother season 19 has had its beautiful a part of “atrocious behavior,” as host Julie Chen establish it, however it hasn’t primarily been worse than old installments on the hit CBS reality glossy.

“I feel there are summers in the past where the behavior has been worse,” Chen, who additionally cohosts the CBS daylight hours talk glossy The Discuss, told EW for the duration of a Facebook Reside interview Wednesday. “Piece of the sport is that we don’t intervene with what’s happening. Someone who we no doubt feel fancy is getting bullied, they don’t primarily no doubt feel fancy it; they’re factual residing Tremendous Brother. Within the occasion that they’re in the Diary Room saying, ‘I will’t hang it, right here is abuse,’ that’s a obvious thing. No one has advance ahead and said that.”

The glossy season has the the same high-drama blowouts audiences delight in advance to demand of on any season of Tremendous Brother, however this twelve months arguably regarded to truly feel fancy extra houseguests were being particularly, socially centered. Definite contestants’ lives were purposefully made residing hells, regularly for silly annoyance (on yarn of Josh Martinez and his pot-and-pan banging) however alternative instances for vicious torment. Megan Lowder left the home factual days after the season 19 premiere following the Head of Family opponents when Josh known as her a “snake” and “bully,” later accusing her of “disgusting” game play.

Chen worries that viewers — herself integrated — would be having a watch at all the pieces with a extra incriminating discover than well-known, even supposing.

“We additionally glance after a day alternative self-correction; there’s so grand activity in the home that issues continuously resolve down,” she said. “Generally when I’ve interviewed evicted houseguests about x, y, and z they’re fancy, ‘Oh no, we were kidding, we’re exact. I’m going to be very most life like pals with these of us.’ So regularly it’s us making a bigger deal no longer lustrous what it’s exhaust to be in that particular person’s sneakers. It’s Tremendous Brother.”

There’s no mistaking, on the opposite hand, that this season is now not like most others — even supposing no longer for its atrocious behavior. Chen pointed to one particular person for changing the manner the sport has been played.

“The favored feeling I even delight in about this season is that it’s no longer Tremendous Brother, it’s Tremendous Paul. Paul is working the home. Paul is the puppet grasp and everybody contained in the home is at ease to be led by him, and that to me is astonishing that he’s bought them all fooled,” she told EW. “He’s fancy the Tremendous Unfriendly Wolf and on the discontinue he’s going to understand off the masks and hang that review far from you.”

Tremendous Brother airs Sundays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET, and Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET. Ogle extra of Chen and her cohosts on The Discuss — season 8 premieres Monday, 11th of September, on CBS stations — in the video above.

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