Ken Bone returns: Invoice Maher grills viral sensation on who he voted for

ken bone real time with bill maher
ken bone real time with bill maher

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Ken Bone, who grew to changed into an unexpected viral sensation and image of the sweater-wearing everyman at some level of the 2016 election, returned to the highlight on Friday evening on HBO’s Proper Time. Host Invoice Maher had different questions for the then-undecided voter, but he grilled Bone on who he voted for in the election.

“I need to convince you which that that you simply might maybe additionally honest restful dangle voted for Hillary [Clinton] rather then Godzilla,” Maher acknowledged, though Bone clarified, “I didn’t vote for Godzilla. I didn’t vote for Jill Stein, both.”

When pressed additional, he acknowledged, “I promised before the election that I wouldn’t whine who I voted for because of, prefer it or now not, we’re smitten by celebrities on this nation, and even like an F-list celeb like me, folks save stock in my check up on and it’s now not gorgeous to the democratic activity if I portray them what to imagine.”

“You’re an informer,” Bone suggested Maher. “That is your job to uncover folks, educate them, entertain them. I’m a random dude who works at the energy plant, folks don’t can also honest restful be told by me.”

Within the occasion you don’t dangle your who’s-who handbook to viral stars to hand, Bone popped up at some level of a metropolis corridor-kind debate between Clinton and Donald Trump closing October. Though he reiterated to Maher that he didn’t know why folks took to him, it was potentially due to the the combo of his told questions, name, and now signature red sweater.

Bone went on to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live and he got shoutouts from the likes of Chelsea Handler, Trevor Noah, and Snoop Dogg.

Maher joked that he wouldn’t “secure outta California” till he published who he voted for, but he didn’t cave. “I voted for both [Gary] Johnson or Clinton or Trump. One amongst the extensive three — smartly, the extensive two and then the one,” he equipped as a substitute. Bone furthermore added that “folks are already asking me who I’ll vote for in 2020, and I won’t solution them. It turns our political activity into TMZ and it creates folks like me and nothing but sound bites and sniping lend a hand and forth and it doesn’t serve clear up the components.”

Inquire of his paunchy interview above.

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