Keshia Knight Pulliam breaks down her Celeb Colossal Brother departure on The Voice

Keshia Knight Pulliam breaks down her Celeb Colossal Brother departure on The Voice

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In her first broadcast interview since departing Celeb Colossal Brother Monday night, Keshia Knight Pulliam joined the ladies of The Voice to discuss about her time on the level to.

She talked about being reunited with her minute one after leaving the dwelling, besides to her thoughts on the level to more broadly and her eviction from the dwelling.

For Pulliam, a foremost motive of her exit from the level to used to be returning to her minute one. “Household is always going to know out for me, I didn’t possess any extra days to be far from my daughter,” she acknowledged. “These were the same team of participants that were in my alliance who a pair of days earlier had utterly lied… I had to produce a resolution on yarn of this wasn’t about sport play to me, this used to be about precise lifestyles, this used to be about my minute one.

She addressed why she threw Shannon Elizabeth below the bus at the end, asserting, “The havoc she used to be creating, and the map in which she certainly tried to pit particularly me and Omarosa in opposition to one one other… she had aspect alliances with each single body within the dwelling.”

Pulliam moreover shared her (pretty?) thoughts on who would possibly perchance perchance also clutch the sport. She puts her money on Metta World Peace, no topic the truth EW’s choose up Dalton Ross postulated he is also the worst participant “ever” within the historical past of the sport. Pulliam thinks that cluelessness would possibly perchance perchance also accurate be a stealth tactic, though, asserting “Let me converse you, I choose up they are utterly sound asleep on him… he acknowledged, ‘The longer you all befriend me, I’m coming for you.’”

Witness the clip above for more. The Voice airs weekdays on CBS.

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