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Kotlin/Native v0.6 is Here!

Kotlin/Native v0.6 is Here!

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We’re overjoyed to insist Kotlin/Native v0.6 (Valentine’s Day free up) of our toolchain. It is miles a serious change, together with the next parts:

  • Succor for multiplatform initiatives in compiler and Gradle plugin
  • Clear Aim-C/Kotlin container classes interoperability
  • Succor first embedded target (STM32 board)
  • Kotlin 1.2.20, Gradle four.5 and Java 9 supported
  • Smaller WebAssembly binaries (smaller by up to 160KiB)
  • CLion plugin change for CLion 2018.1 (mounted the shrink back with macOS platform libraries indexer)

With v0.6 we brought Kotlin/Native multiplatform initiatives enhance, so identical Gradle own shall be primitive for a selection of Kotlin backends, equivalent to JVM, Native and JS. Seek this repository for utilization instance.

Moreover, we eventually provide a functionality to create Kotlin/Native packages aimed for embedded targets, equivalent to STM32-primarily based entirely mostly microcontrollers (the exhaust of Zephyr Mission kernel). Gift that enhance is accumulated experimental so your mileage could simply vary, and there are some shortcomings around C interoperability, that shall be mounted in upcoming releases.

One difficult feature of v0.6 is enhance for transparent collections interoperability in -create framework operational mode. It procedure, one could transparently exhaust Kotlin’s Listing, MutableList, Keep of dwelling, MutableSet, Design and MutableMap as Aim-C/Swift collections, equivalent to NSList, NSMutableList, NSSet, NSMutableSet, NSDictionary and NSMutableDictionary respectively, when compiling Kotlin code to the framework.

An main draw of this free up became as soon as to enhance usability and balance of the compiler, so we mounted heaps of identified bugs and Kotlin/JVM incompatibilities.

And at last, a plugin for CLion 2018.1 with enhance for Kotlin/Native v0.6 is on hand. As a result of particular technical reasons, it’s not that you just’d remember to routinely change to the contemporary version this time, so that you just ought to manually set up it from here.

Abilities this free up, and could simply adore be with you!

Binaries shall be downloaded from the next links: macOS, Linux, Windows

GitHub free up page is here.

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