Marc Maron says Louis C.Okay. lied to him about sexual misconduct rumors

marc maron louis c k
marc maron louis c k

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Marc Maron claims Louis C.Okay. lied to him when he requested if the reports of Louis C.Okay. masturbating in front of ladies were honest — and Maron used to be fast to narrate him before every thing.

On the Nov. 13 episode of his podcast, WTF, Maron recounted a previous dialog with the comedian by which he confronted Louis C.Okay. about one particular legend several years within the past that supposedly took area in an Aspen hotel room.

“Sadly, I knew what most other folks knew: There used to be a chronicle available,” starts Maron, “And I would possibly possibly well possibly anticipate him about it. I would possibly possibly well possibly affirm, ‘This legend about you forcing these girls to gape you jerk off, what’s that? Is that honest?’He goes, ‘No, it’s now not honest. It’s now not proper. It’s a rumor.’ And I would possibly possibly well possibly affirm, ‘Effectively, are you going to address it come what would possibly possibly well? Take care of it? Gain out from under it whenever it shows up?’ ‘No I’m able to’t, I’m able to’t attain that. I’m able to’t give it existence, give it air.’ That used to be the dialog.”

In the podcast, Maron also acknowledges that the truth that Louis C.Okay.’s misconduct used to be broadly known and pushed aside for see you later highlights a elevated pain within the industry: that there’s no area for ladies to account on their mistreatment and that there’s a proper energy dynamic.

“So I believed my buddy. It’s correct the atmosphere that enabled the dismissiveness of it. How attain I put this? The work atmosphere, the social atmosphere makes it complex for folks to advance forward and be heard, to be listened to, to be believed, and for action to be taken spherical that,” Maron continues. “It is brushed off, it is pushed aside, it is framed as an annoyance or an embarrassment, it is stale in opposition to other folks, it is stale as a risk, that’s the construction that exists in existence.”

This past Thursday, a New York Situations account detailed reports from 5 girls who were allegedly sexually mistreated by Louis C.Okay. On Friday, the comedian launched with a prolonged assertion confirming that the allegations after denying any claims of sexual misconduct last year.

Hear to Maron’s podcast here.

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