Margaret Atwood adaptation Alias Grace is an ‘unsettling,’ tightly centered miniseries

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On the heels of Hulu’s seriously acclaimed, Emmy-winning miniseries The Handmaid’s Story comes one other Margaret Atwood adaptation within the originate of Netflix’s Alias Grace — nonetheless the hosts of Bingeworthy are split on whether it lives as a lot as its predecessor.

Written by Sarah Polley and directed by Mary Harron (American Psycho), the six-episode historical drama stars Sarah Gadon as an Irish domestic servant accused of abolish. While Bingeworthy‘s Jessica Shaw chanced on Alias Grace riveting, her co-host Touré had a bizarre skills.

“I admire this camouflage loads,” Shaw says within the most fresh episode of Bingeworthy. “You admire I was loopy about Handmaid’s Story — we each and every were. It used to be correct fully luminous. And this camouflage takes one other Margaret Atwood guide that is loads more intimate.”

With regard to Harron, Shaw says, “She shoots the scenes of this camouflage in such halt-up, it’s very anxious and unsettling to see. And it’s correct genuinely a psychologist [played by Edward Holcroft] interviewing this girl, Grace, about what came about, and did she or did she no longer abolish somebody else below her roof?”

Touré also cherished Handmaid’s Story, he says. “Nonetheless loads of what I cherished about it used to be the political underpinnings and the resistance and the oppression and the normalization of oppression and repression. This is admire Handmaid’s with none of that, and correct a extraordinarily halt focal level on the females and their lives.

“And the first 30 or so minutes I was into it,” he continues. “I cherished the personality they were surroundings up, I cherished the enviornment they were surroundings up, it’s visually beautiful — and then it originate of correct dropped off this cliff. It changed into so minutely about this girl’s world that I could now not pronounce them into, and then I was admire, ‘Did my shrimp one hit a button and without warning I’m watching Downton Abbey?’”

Even though Shaw acknowledges there are “so many bonnets,” she praises Alias Grace‘s total effective and tight running time. “It’s solid, and it’s highly nice, and it’s spicy, and it’s six hours,” she says.

Look for the video above for more. Alias Grace is streaming now on Netflix.

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