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Noorjahan (title changed) used to be fancy every other 15-year-susceptible Muslim girl from the susceptible city of Hyderabad — stir by tradition, and coy, nonetheless as impetuous as the moderate child. She wore a burqa to the authorities faculty the keep she studied and the garment helped hide her torn faculty in finding, a cost of poverty. Noorjahan and her company were pranksters and the one kilometre race to highschool used to be by no map brief on wander.

Both Noorjahan’s condominium and school are located in the Muslim-dominated Nawab Saheb Kunta, a ghetto of labyrinthine lanes. This squatter settlement that came up on the bed of a pond is barely a stone’s throw a long way from the Nizam-technology’s opulent hilltop palace named Falaknuma, now a five-valuable person resort belonging to the Taj group. Wealth and poverty sit facet by facet on this online page of the susceptible city.

Noorjahan used to be assorted from her classmates. Whereas every person dreamt of profitable careers post stories in professional classes, the young girl, in all probability acutely mindful of her modest family background, harboured needs of turning proper into a schoolteacher. Although rated moderate by her class teachers, Noorjahan tried now not easy to rating higher marks, remembers her main schoolteacher, Amtul Habeeb.


Because the summer holidays approached after a factual tutorial year in class, Noorjahan used to be taking a imagine forward to spending time alongside with her paternal aunt, Ghousia, and her cousins, one amongst the attractions of their condominium being the air cooler. The cool scamper of the boxy tool used to be a luxurious for Noorjahan, the daughter of a homemaker-bearer couple. Her father got a possibility to work on every occasion there used to be a nikah or walima at the S.Okay. Garden Objective Hall, a venue for weddings. The family might perchance presumably now not accumulate the money for discipline cloth comforts fancy air coolers.

But little did she know the map existence would switch after her brief stop at her aunt’s reveal. The signs were all there. All day aunt Ghousia and uncle Sikander by no map misplaced a possibility to repeat her that she must fraction the accountability of taking care of her poverty-ridden family. Their brainwashing labored; her stop there changed Noorjahan. She soon misplaced hobby in going to highschool. When the faculty reopened after the summer vacation, there used to be no signal of Noorjahan in the eighth grade. “We were surprised and sent a be aware to her brother. Now, after two months, we hear this uncomfortable files of her marriage,” Amtul says.

When the moon used to be sighted and fasting at some stage in the holy month of Ramzan started Also can just-slay, Noorjahan got the first impress of what lay in retailer for her. Her aunt, uncle and their “company” started visiting frequently. In hushed tones, a wedding proposal, and how the family would in finding pleasure in it, used to be discussed. And then one day Noorjahan used to be summoned. A “factual marriage proposal” from an Omani had reach, she used to be told, and with it came a mehr of “hundreds of rupees”, a condominium, an air cooler, a two-wheeler for her father, and a monthly remittance of ₹5,000.


Shrimp Noorjahan used to be alarmed to listen to the groom’s age. He used to be sixty five, twenty years older than her father. But as her aunt and uncle hammered away, she gave in. Despite all the pieces, her father used to be now not getting any younger and his meagre on a regular basis wage of ₹300 nervous her. Noorjahan grew to change into aloof and withdrawn. All that used to be required now used to be for her to claim ‘Nikah qubool hai’ (I conform to the wedding) in the presence of a qazi (who performs a wedding), after which a bundle of notes might perchance presumably be pressed into her father’s hand and she might perchance presumably be required to signal on smooth papers which can presumably be used later in the tournament of a divorce. A file of fraudulent documents, including a voter identification card and an Aadhaar card, might perchance presumably be furnished to present her age as 18, and a video of a large standard of living she might perchance presumably well moreover lead in West Asia might perchance presumably be handed spherical for her family to imagine.

The modus operandi

Noorjahan is now not an isolated case of ‘Arab nikah’, as this fashion of Muslim marriage is recognized in Hyderabad. The modus operandi is the same. Detailed conversations with more than one sources in the police and the community present the unhappy image of how a group of dalals (touts) persuade susceptible, impoverished families with three or four minor daughters with a sage of how sheikhs reduction the promise of altering their lives for the higher. In some cases, they are saying here’s a ‘brief marriage of consolation’ in alternate for money.

Once convinced, the family pressures their young daughters. Touts invent documents to present the girl as an adult and her signature is taken on smooth bond papers, to reach in precious later in the case of a divorce. Meanwhile, the touts enter proper into a address the sheikhs, who flit into the country and camp in local accommodations and guest properties once the deal is sealed. A pliable qazi is found, and the wedding solemnised interior minutes. Most steadily, the sheikh spends a whereas with the little girl and leaves for house after divorcing her. In the final seven years, over a dozen such child marriages to rich Arabs had been performed, a minimum of two to some a year, all these marriages lasting from a few days to some months.

Such marriages hang change into public largely on fable of cases registered in five police keep of abode limits in Hyderabad. Many more might perchance presumably well moreover just hang escaped the radar, equivalent to the case of a 17-year-susceptible girl who had approached the Santoshnagar Police Scheme bringing up that her folks and touts were seeking to manufacture her marriage for the sixth time in January 2014. Her five marriages in the outdated two years had ended in divorce, she had talked about in her assertion.

The girl’s ordeal started soon after she completed tenth grade. She used to be first married to Basheer of Nagpur, an NRI, and then to Jamal of Pune, both for ₹30,000 every. Subsequent in line were two Saudi sheikhs after payments starting from ₹50,000 to ₹1 lakh were made. Her fifth marriage used to be to a Bahrain nationwide, and the sixth to a Sudanese, both weddings together bringing house her folks ₹2 lakh. But it with out a doubt used to be sooner than the sixth marriage that she fled, and with the help of a neighborhood NGO, filed a criticism in opposition to her folks. In the criticism, she narrated how her folks spent your entire money they received in leading a luxurious standard of living. Her father, who had four higher halves, got her two sisters married in the same manner in return for money.

But now not like her, now not many Hyderabadi Muslims need to sing about this child bride bazaar, to now not inform acknowledge it as typical. With a shut vigil on such practices, however, the Arab nikahs appear to hang reach down, even when they present no signs of ending.

The heyday of such marriages used to be in the leisurely 1970s and ’80s, and the chosen months were July, August and September when rich Arab sheikhs would speed to Hyderabad, luxuriate in more than one marriages with the help of touts, and then stir house.

When the marriages didn’t work abet house, the sheikh would merely inform ‘talaq, talaq, talaq’ and dispatch the young girl to Hyderabad with the promise of sending maintenance, which would by no map reach. The police estimate a entire bunch of such contract marriages. About a years ago, Hyderabad noticed the distinctive spectacle of these hapless ladies folks left gradual by sheikhs hitting the street hunting for make stronger for his or her livelihood. Quite lots of them hang ended up as domestic helps.

In the 1990s, ten-year-susceptible child bride Ameena’s case shot into the limelight when flight attendant Amrita Ahluwalia rescued her from Yahya al-Sagih, a 60-year-susceptible Saudi who married her and used to be taking her to his country. Asked why she used to be married off fancy that, her father, Badruddin, an autorickshaw driver, had this to claim: “I construct ₹20 to ₹Forty a day, which is regularly ample to feed my wife, six daughters, and two sons.”


Duped by family and touts

Noorjahan’s case is considerably assorted. Whereas a majority of these that got married to sheikhs were left gradual after brief contract marriages, her husband, Ahmed, took her to Oman. But even sooner than the wedding mehndi on her fingers dried, she ran into concerns.

Noorjahan frantically made calls to her folks to rescue her, frequently crying that she used to be handled worse than a slave. When her father called Ahmed, the sheikh made it definite that he would now not ship the girl abet till the family returned the mehr of ₹5 lakh. By now it used to be evident to the family that they had been duped now not only by the sheikh, nonetheless also by their very family and a ring of touts.

With no impress of Sikander, Ghousia, or their company, Noorjahan’s mom knocked on the doors of the Falaknuma Police Scheme. Police investigations need up to now revealed that Sikander has arranged the marriages of quite lots of ladies folks with Arabs. “I made a mistake by marrying her off fancy that and counting on Sikander,” laments Noorjahan’s father. “A unhappy nonetheless young rickshaw-puller would had been higher. All he has given us up to now is ₹7,000, a used Honda Activa, and an air cooler.”

Falaknuma Inspector of Police P. Yadagiri says they’ve booked cases under provisions of the Child Marriage Act, POCSO (Protection of Teenagers In opposition to Sexual Offences Act), and Sections of the Indian Penal Code pertaining to to rape, trafficking, and dishonest by the oldsters named by Noorjahan’s folks. Although the oldsters are equally culpable, the police is taking a sympathetic imagine on this case.

But the case got higher and higher. Given the gravity of the scenario, the Assistant Commissioner of Police, Mohammed Tajuddin Ahmed, used to be appointed as the investigating officer. Because the tips spread by technique of nationwide TV channels and social media, Union Welfare Minister Maneka Gandhi tweeted hunting for the help of External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj. Even as the Indian Embassy, the Authorities of India, and the Authorities of Telangana try their easiest to score her abet, Noorjahan’s trouble has once all but again introduced into point of curiosity the unhappy financial and residing circumstances of Muslims in the susceptible city of Hyderabad.

Why are there child brides?

The narratives here hang frequent parts: illiteracy, religious beliefs, and a desperation to construct money, with the dubious feature of qazis thrown in. Families who marry off their minor ladies frequently fade to flee detection. “Among a part of Muslims, there might perchance be this perception that reaching puberty is ample to marry off the ladies, now not when the ladies flip 18. There are families in Hafeez Baba Nagar who accumulate nothing sinister in minor ladies being married off to aged Arab sheikhs. Then there are qazis who recommend marriage at the age of 16, their competitors being that sexual needs launch spherical that age,” says Jameela Nishat, a social activist who runs an NGO called Shaheen that works for gender justice and rehabilitation of kid brides abandoned by sheikhs.

But now not many are as outspoken as Jameela and no Muslim baby-kisser has reach forward to offer his or her views on this regressive be aware, to now not inform condemn the marriages. Neither has the be aware of kid marriage to sheikhs chanced on political traction, nor has it entered popular discourse. Mazher Hussain, govt director of the Confederation of Voluntary Associations, a nationwide network of voluntary organisations working for communal harmony and empowerment, says the construction is “nothing nonetheless trafficking in the garb of nikah.” He says it is a “sinister misuse of nikah”. Although poverty is a element, the higher hazard is the acceptance of this be aware as a norm, Mazher says.

A ritual left gradual

Hyderabad had a lengthy ancient past of Nizams hiring Chaush Arabs, largely from Yemen, as militia guards who were lodged in barracks (now recognized by the corrupted colloquial title of Barkas). These Arabs introduced in conjunction with them the ritual of paying dowry and providing items to families who gave their ladies in marriage. When oil used to be struck in Saudi Arabia and other parts of West Asia, and the scenario grew to change into tumultuous in Hyderabad in the leisurely Forties, a call of Chaush Arabs most popular to return to their country, taking with them their local higher halves and family. But the ritual stayed gradual. Payment for brides grew to change into the vogue, though at that time the diagram for this used to be supposedly factual. It used to be meant to help the families of the brides and stop the decline of business keep of Muslims after the rule of the seventh Nizam, Mir Osman Ali Khan, ended in 1948, leading to the merger of the erstwhile Hyderabad Dispute with the Indian Union. “This has now degenerated into this be aware of procuring child brides,” Mazher says. “We now hang got to assault this norm by discrediting it valuable fancy how the be aware of Sati used to be discredited.” Moreover a part of qazis, who be aware a blueprint of appointing naib qazis (assistant qazis) who manufacture these child marriages, ought to quiet be blamed, he says.

The qazis don’t agree. “Qazis are being blamed unnecessarily. We gallop by the documents submitted to us and never by the oldsters who demand us to manufacture the wedding. Will or now not it be appropriate kind to steal the veil and behold how susceptible the bride is?” asks Syed Shakir Ali, a qazi from Nampally. “Certain, there are some unscrupulous qazis, nonetheless to claim every person seems to be to be fancy that is sinister. The onus is on the oldsters of the bride. They ought to be careful. Sooner than performing the nikah, I stutter on seeing the passport, or the Aadhaar card, or the voter identification card and (conduct the wedding) in the presence of the father or the guardian and two witnesses. If somebody forges one amongst these documents, how can the qazi be held responsible? What’s the Telangana authorities doing to slay the social possibility?” he asks.

In response, the Secretary of the Minorities Welfare Department of the Telangana authorities, Syed Omar Jaleel, says, “The authorities plans to bring out an ordinance and later a laws banning all foreigners from marrying ladies here unless they reach with appropriate kind documents or a declaration sooner than immigration authorities bringing up that their cause of consult with is to marry a lady of statutorily mandated marriageable age and that they would in finding care of them,” he says. “The man will be vulnerable to endure imprisonment of seven years under Share 196 of the IPC (if chanced on responsible).”

To address poverty, which is at the muse of this discipline, the authorities is proposing to launch a ladies folks empowerment programme. This can hang extending loans for ladies folks and providing financial support of ₹50,000 to every family to manufacture the wedding of their daughter. Mr. Jaleel also spoke of revamping the outdated Qazis Act of 1880 and altering tips to originate the qazis more accountable.

Economic make stronger to the unhappy and compulsory schooling of ladies might perchance presumably address this sing, says a young girl who used to be married off at the age of 12 to a 70-year-susceptible man from Oman. She described to this correspondent her marriage that lasted all of three months, the entire time at some stage in which the susceptible man stayed alongside with her in a resort room sooner than leaving her.

“I was helpless,” she talked about. “My father used to be an alcoholic and my mom labored as a domestic help. Below the affect of dalals, they married me off to an aged Arab. He promised to in finding me with him soon after the wedding. But he didn’t reduction his promise. One day he uttered talaq thrice over the phone and slammed the phone down. That used to be the final time I heard from him.”

She now has a child to imagine after and works as a domestic help. She also attends tailoring classes in the hope of securing a future for her child. Now not lower than her daughter must score an schooling that she had to sadly forgo. Aims of the following technology must never die young.

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