Melissa McCarthy, Jennifer Aniston fight over whether gravity is a hoax

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mccarthy aniston

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Forget global warming. Melissa McCarthy wants every person to uncover out about an even bigger environmental assert.

Filling in for tiresome-evening host Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday evening, the Emmy winner — dressed as a menorah from her opening monologue — presented the viewers with a dispute that has “long gone undebunked for a entire bunch of years” in a PSA that she hopes “may possibly per chance correct set your life.”

“I’d love to take a look at with you just a few topic the mainstream media doesn’t need you to hear about,” she acknowledged within the segment. “They are saying we shouldn’t query questions. They are saying it’s ‘settled science.’ They name of us that disagree with them ‘duh-nye-urz.’ Obviously, I’m talking about gravity.”

Scoffing on the idea that the “Belief of Gravitivity” changed into conceived by Isaac Newton, “the man from the cookies,” she expressed her aggravation about how faculty children are “brainwashed into believing that they may be able to not hover.”

That’s when Jennifer Aniston, er, Junifer Ooniston, a “less favorite particular person,” interrupted.

“Who advised you that gravity is accurate?” McCarthy wondered the Chums valuable particular person, who replied, “Rather principal every scientist on this planet advised me that.” 

“Precisely. Each and every. Single. Scientist. Each and every single one? Isn’t that a puny bit fishy?” McCarthy asked as photos of Bill Nye the Science Guy, Lend a hand to the Future‘s Doc Brown, and The Muppets’ Beaker looked onscreen. 

Quickly sufficient, the two obtained correct into a “spurious tussle,” which resulted in Aniston strapped correct into a harness. “If gravity isn’t a hoax, then why are you flying fair now?” McCarthy deadpanned. 

Explore the clip above for the corpulent “debate.”

McCarthy changed into the closing of four hosts to possess on this week for Kimmel, who has been spending time with family as his 7-month-vulnerable son recovers from a suitable coronary heart surgical design performed Monday. Chris Pratt, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Neil Patrick Harris filled in earlier this week.

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