Mind the perimeter: On J&Ok dread attacks

Mind the perimeter: On J&Ok dread attacks

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The quantity of casualties in the dread assault on the Sunjuwan Navy harmful in Jammu has risen to seven after clearing operations. The garrison of the 36 Brigade of Jammu and Kashmir Gentle Infantry was once attacked final Saturday by a tiny community of carefully armed terrorists that managed to enter the residential quarters of troopers. While three terrorists had been killed, six troopers and a civilian misplaced their lives. Many extra sustained accidents. Right here’s the most fresh in a chain of attacks on defense pressure installations over the old couple of years. The worrisome side is the repeated success of terrorists in infiltrating high-security defense pressure complexes. As in each and each case, the Navy will conduct a courtroom of inquiry into the incident to title lapses. However, the Sunjuwan assault exposes the vulnerabilities in perimeter security and the scant growth made in improving the protection protocol since the assault on the Pathankot Air Power station in January 2016. Since then, there had been foremost attacks in Uri, Handwara, Nagrota and Panzgam, with necessary casualties. Within the aftermath of Pathankot, a committee headed by a dilapidated Navy vice chief, Lt Overall Philip Campose, undertook a security audit of all defense pressure bases all the absolute top map by the country. It identified gorgeous installations and beneficial measures to support them. As well to, in July 2017 the authorities delegated substantial monetary powers to the three services and products to toughen perimeter security at defense pressure installations. The Sunjuwan assault underscores the want for immediate measures on the ground, previous the inquiries and policy bulletins, to overhaul the machine.


As the phobia assault in Jammu was once beneath draw, the Defence Ministry sanctioned ₹1,487 crore to toughen gorgeous defense pressure installations all the absolute top map by the country as per the suggestions of a 2016 audit. Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has additionally directed the Navy to total its implementation by the tip of the year. This impetus is welcome, nonetheless the implementation must be generous-based fully, and trot previous advert hoc measures. It must be borne in mind that a a hit assault does now not necessarily mean that the soldier on the ground is lax in performing his tasks. Many bases alongside the border are located in advanced terrain, and are in shut proximity to civilian dwellings, annoying care from the soldier to lead clear of civilian casualties in crossfire whereas adhering to the current-or-garden working procedures. For a country that takes pleasure in its well-liked, technologically evolved defense pressure, India aloof depends carefully on inserting extra boots on the ground and on the calibre of the soldier. It is time the Defence Ministry adopted a holistic draw, guaranteeing that the soldier is fully backed by technology and calibrated security drills. Preventing terrorists from scoring a strike is the most efficient defence.

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