Mr. Robotic: Grace Gummer reacts to Dom’s shocking evening, teases ‘sudden’ finale

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The penultimate episode of Mr. Robotic‘s soar-support Zero.33 season finds allegiances transferring, relationships evolving, and a assassinate conspiracy in motion.

“That it is likely you’ll fix every part,” Darlene (Carly Chaikin) proclaims to Dom (Grace Gummer).

Elliot (Rami Malek) and Darlene’s mission to undo the Five/Nine hack has many penalties, along side his battle on the Darkish Military, and in flip, their decision that love his father, “It’s time he die for us, too.” For Darlene, her job was to search out a approach into Sentinel, the FBI’s storage draw, which comprises key knowledge to their notion. This leads the fsociety alum to efficiently seduce Dom, her dilapidated FBI handler, absolute best to win caught searching to amass the agent’s badge.

EW talked to Gummer about Dom’s drunken evening with Darlene, why she was “pleasantly taken aback” by the construction, and what she can tease about the season finale.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How taken aback private been you by the direction that the Dom and Darlene relationship went in?
GRACE GUMMER: There was a model of that scene written final season, but we lower it out. I in actual fact judge it made more of an impression seeing Dom with Darlene, because of the they’ve had this bond the total season and I know Dom sees hundreds of herself in Darlene. And she in actual fact unfolded to her and was huge vulnerable, then Darlene betrayed her and stole from her — create of opened the metaphorical pick up to Dom’s correct self, which the assert hasn’t in actual fact explored and Dom hasn’t printed to herself. So I judge it hit in actual fact laborious when that in actuality went down.

Did it seem out of persona to you for Dom to be seduced love that? Or was it more the consequence of their perceived connection being mixed with a couple of too many drinks?
I judge it was the mix of every part. Over again, she factual sees hundreds of herself in Darlene, and in opening up to her, working with her, confiding and trusting her, she in actual fact let her guard down. I used to be taken aback that anyone so skilled and by the e book with her job would attain one thing love that, but she’s additionally human, as all these characters are. There’s this in actual fact uncooked emotional self within the support of all these masks they’ve on. So I used to be taken aback, but pleasantly taken aback, because of the I judge it says so much about who she is and who they both are and what lengths they’re willing to pass to for what they wish, particularly Darlene. And Dom was seduced by that after which embarrassed. Day after at present when she brings her into the FBI, clearly, she didn’t desire to tell Santiago [Omar Metwally], but she is aware of that she has to.

Turned into once it a positive switch of trek for you to win to play a way more relaxed model of Dom?
Yeah, it was. And again, final season we did a model of that scene that didn’t win it into the assert, so I had explored that and I used to be so angry for it to advance support support in a particular and way more positive create this season. So after I used to be doing it final year, I felt love here’s who she in actual fact is. And then, when it wasn’t within the assert, I felt love we wouldn’t completely realize her. She is create of an enigma, but now we win to dig deeper into who she is. And it was in actual fact fun taking part in a way more relaxed and in actual fact create of awkward and earnest and unhappy, but no longer pathetic person that wishes take care of.

Also, it was potentially perfect to win her one more perfect friend that wasn’t Alexa!
Entirely, to private a human perfect friend that isn’t Alexa, actuality TV, or cyber sex [laughs]. I judge she was dying for that human connection and took it when it came. However she discovered her lesson, I bet.

In light of Darlene’s betrayal, attain you judge there would possibly maybe maybe even additionally be to any extent additional to that relationship?
I constantly reveal that Elliot and fsociety and Dom are both wanting the the same factor, but coming at it from a extraordinarily various perspective; they both desire to bring justice to the arena. I don’t stare either one as perfect or corrupt or gloomy or white. The assert lives in such a gray rental that these no longer most likely bonds and friendships and uncommon connections create between two folk inexplicably, and so they occur to be these two ladies folk. I judge it factual makes it more consuming, it makes for more smartly-rounded characters and more smartly-rounded ladies folk.

Now waiting for next week’s finale, what, if the rest, are you able to tease?
There’s so phenomenal crazy s— that happens. It’s in actual fact worrying to want to lend a hand so many secrets and tactics, particularly from folk I take care of that take care of Mr. Robotic, for this long. However I will tell you that I went to gorgeous darkish places in my mind. And the episode is gorgeous darkish. And likewise you stare various facets to all people and sudden… I don’t even know what to declare, I don’t desire to waste the rest [laughs]. I did work the longest, most grueling hours that I’ve labored on the assert on that episode, so all people is in for a cope with.

The Mr. Robotic season finale airs Wednesday, Dec. thirteen at 10 p.m. ET.

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