Netflix’s ghastly obstacle route expose Final Beastmaster is support for season 2

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ultimatebeastmasters2 billboard 013

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The arena’s most intense opponents are coming face-to-face with “The Beast,” an obstacle route formed admire a dinosaur, and one of many most bodily irritating obstacle classes ever devised, in accordance to Netflix. Final Beastmaster, executive produced by Sylvester Stalone, is returning for a 2nd season and aspects opponents from a couple of worldwide locations including Spain, France, Italy, China, India and clearly the U.S.

The fresh installment brings a peculiar line up of localized hosts: within the U.S., feeble NFL player Tiki Barber and comedian Chris DiStefano will wait on as commentators. Returning to the expose’s lineup are the hosts from Mexico, Brazil, and South Korea.

Unlike other obstacle route competitions, Netflix’s series rewards a competitor for taming “The Beast” by crowning them “Beastmaster” in every of the nine episodes, all culminating in a showdown the assign the nine champions compete for the title of  “Final Beastmaster.” 

If the season 2 trailer above is any indication, every competitor has a coronary heart-wrenching memoir and even more intense wish to beat the competition.

Glimpse beneath for the beefy checklist of hosts from every nation:

  • United States: Tiki Barber (feeble NFL player and sports activities commentator) and Chris DiStefano (comedian)
  • Spain: Paula Vazquez (TV host) and Saul Craviotto (police officer and Olympic gold medalist)
  • France: Gilles Marini (actor) and Sandy Heribert (sports activities journalist)
  • Italy: Francesco Facchinetti aka DJ Francesco (DJ, producer, singer, and TV presenter) and Bianca Balti (supermodel)
  • China: Bin Gu (TV persona) and Du Qin Yi (host, actress, singer)
  • India: Vidyut Jamwal (actor and professional martial artist) and Sarah Jane Dias (actress and TV host)
  • Brazil: Anderson Silva (feeble UFC middleweight champion), Rafinha Bastos (comedian, journalist, and TV persona)
  • South Korea: Seo Kyung Suk (actor, comedian, and TV host), Park Kyeong Rim (actress, comedian, and TV host)
  • Mexico: Ines Sainz (journalist, sportscaster, and TV host), Luis Ernesto Franco (actor and producer)

Final Beastmaster begins streaming on Netflix Friday, Dec. 15.

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