Never advocated demolition of Hindu temples, my speech is being deliberately twisted: Thirumavalavan

Never advocated demolition of Hindu temples, my speech is being deliberately twisted: Thirumavalavan

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Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi (VCK) leader Thol. Thirumavalavan has stumbled on himself in the watch of the storm, with upright-hover critics alleging that he had, in a speech, called for the demolition of Hindu temples on the 25th anniversary of the demolition of the Babri Masjid. Insisting that he in no procedure advocated one of these survey, Mr. Thirumavalavan urged The Hindu in an interview that his speech used to be deliberately being twisted with the aim of utilizing a wedge between the DMK and the VCK earlier than the Radhakrishnan Nagar bypoll. Excerpts:

What led you to construct comments about demolishing temples?

I in no procedure said that we should always extinguish Hindu temples. Everyone year, we organise Dalits’ and Muslims’ ‘awakening day’ on December 6, which coincides with Dr. Ambekdar’s demise anniversary. It’s my survey that the Babri Masjid used to be demolished on that day with ulterior motives, and I’ve been raising the anguish since 1992. It used to be neutral appropriate for argument’s sake that I spoke about temples which had attain up in the placement the set Buddhist and Jain shrines as soon as stood. I had asked, “What if there is a inquire of to extinguish them [temples] and make Buddhist and Jain shrines [there] all over again.” There is ancient proof which means that Buddhist and Jain temples as soon as existed in the places the set we now have Hindu temples. Scholars admire Mylai Seeni Venkatasami have written widely about this. Basically, the social boycott in opposition to Buddhists and Jains step by step assumed the shape of untouchability. In case you streak on a demolition spree, there’ll be no stop to it. I also agree, for argument’s sake, that the Ram temple used to be there in the placement of Babri Masjid. But this used to be almost 450 years ago, and you can not build anything else about it now.

The Hindutva forces are making a hue and yowl to additional the motive for the constructing of Ram temples, no longer out of their bhakti (devotion) or be pleased for Lord Ram. They have a political agenda to polarise the country alongside non secular traces, and are the utilization of the name of the Lord to additional their agenda. They spread hatred in opposition to Christians and Muslims. They are doing this to retain the BJP executive led by High Minister Narendra Modi in power.

There is an knowing that you target and criticise easiest the Hindu faith and no longer others…

There’s no longer any such thing as a basis for that knowing. I could maybe no longer allege about God, however I build no longer ridicule those that build. As soon as I admire the faith of Christians and Muslims, why should always I criticise those that be pleased Hindu Gods? My mother makes me pray and affords holy ash each time I reveal about with home. I build no longer search down upon her actions. On December 2, I participated in a kumbabishekam at the Kamatchi Peetam in Coimbatore and performed rituals. The founder of the Peetam urged his followers that he had invited me ensuing from my be pleased for humanism. The head of the Swamithoppu Temple in Kanniyakumari calls me his adopted son. I can not behave admire a hardcore Dravidian ideologue in relation to non secular faith. What we object [to] and fight [against] is untouchability and varied sins practised in the name of Hinduism.

You said there used to be a political agenda leisurely the advertising campaign in opposition to you. What’s it?

At any time when the VCK becomes a phase of an alliance with mainstream political parties, there is an strive to sling mud at us. Now, we have extended our toughen to the DMK for the R.Okay. Nagar bypoll. That’s the reason BJP leaders admire H. Raja are operating a advertising campaign in opposition to me. Their aim is to make embarrassment for the DMK and effect stress on its management to evict us from the alliance.

There’s a clear, hidden political agenda to verify the DMK would no longer purchase the bypoll and attain to power therefore, and likewise to verify the VCK would no longer have the benefit of this political alliance. The DMK can in no potential be held to blame for statements attributed to me.

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