North Korea soldier shot six events for the length of rare defection to the South


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A North Korean soldier,  who made an extremely rare and dramatic defection to the South, was once shot six events by his own facet as he drove to the carefully guarded border and ran at some point soon of below a hail of bullets.

The United States-led United Nations Articulate (UNC), which shows the Panmunjom border truce village the put the defection took place on Monday, stated the soldier had driven end to the carefully guarded, military demarcation line surroundings aside the 2 Koreas.

“He then exited the vehicle and persisted fleeing south at some point soon of the freeway as he was once fired upon by soldiers from North Korea,” the UNC stated in an announcement.

An marvelous with the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Crew stated the North’s border guards fired finally Forty rounds.

A physician treating the soldier — who was once airlifted to a hospital for emergency surgical operation — stated he was once shot 1/2-a-dozen events and sustained a extreme abdominal damage.

“He has finally six gunshot wounds on his physique and the penetrating be troubled within the abdomen is the most extreme,” Dr. Lee Cook dinner-Jong told reporters.

“His organs are extremely damaged… we do no longer understand how long he can withhold up,” Dr. Lee stated.

It’s very rare for the North’s troops to defect on the truce village, a serious vacationer enchantment bisected by the demarcation line and the actual fragment of the frontier the put forces from the 2 sides attain face-to-face.

The 1953 ceasefire, ending the Korean War, was once signed at Panmunjom, and it has since hosted a immense sequence of rounds of inter-Korean talks — in most cases held in huts that straddle either facet of the border line.

Old defections at Panmunjom

The indisputable fact that the defector drove to the frontier suggests he would possibly perhaps perhaps impartial no longer had been a member of the elite corps of North Korean troops posted to Panmunjom, who are conscientiously vetted and selected for his or her loyalty.

No tourists were most up-to-date on the time, on chronicle of tours effect no longer bustle on Mondays.

Fixed with the South Korean military, there was once no exchange of fireside at some point soon of the border, and the UNC assertion stressed that no South Korean or U.S. forces were harmed.

The incident, which took space in substantial daylight spherical Four p.m., comes at a time of heightened tensions on the Korean peninsula over the North’s nuclear weapons programme.

Unlike the leisure of the frontier, Panmunjom will not be any longer fortified with minefields and barbed wire and the border is marked finest by a low concrete divider.

After racing at some point soon of the frontier, the soldier took camouflage end to a constructing on the South facet.

The Joint Chiefs of Crew marvelous stated he was once stumbled on collapsed in a pile of fallen leaves and recovered by three South Korean soldiers crawling on their stomachs to his space.

There had been earlier defections at Panmunjom, most particularly in 1984 when Vasily Yakovlevich Matuzok — an elite pupil from Moscow who was once being groomed to alter into a Soviet diplomat — sprinted at some point soon of the border and prompted a 30-minute gunfight that left four insensible.

Visiting the border village with a delegation, Matuzok asked a colleague to consume his checklist, backed closer to the demarcation line and then by shock turned and made a bustle for it.

North Korean guards without delay drew their weapons and spark off in pursuit. The moment they crossed the freeway, a shooting match erupted and Matuzok was once forgotten as the rival troops engaged on the South facet of the border.

It was once the largest loss of existence to occur in what is technically known as the Joint Safety Situation.

One more gunfight was once recorded in 1967 when a senior journalist from the North’s insist-bustle KCNA details agency crossed the border while maintaining military talks underway in Panmunjom.

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