Olympics 2018: Luger Chris Mazdzer cannot earn sufficient of This Is Us and digital music

Olympics 2018: Luger Chris Mazdzer cannot earn sufficient of This Is Us and digital music

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Olympian Chris Mazdzer secured the major luge medal in U.S. history Sunday, ending a fifty four-12 months drought for the United States. In his 1/three Winter Games, the Pittsfield, Massachusetts, native performed in the again of Austria’s David Gleirscher and will most likely be bringing home a silver medal.

“It’s sixteen years in the making,” Mazdzer told NBC. “I’ve had a rough closing two years, and it honest displays: Don’t ever give up. Everytime you lose, take care of combating.”

Comedian Leslie Jones, who has been are residing-tweeting the PyeongChang Games, also expressed her fandom for Mazdzer in some hilarious movies.

Ahead of Mazdzer’s history-making bustle, the 29-12 months-feeble shared with EW a pair of of the pop custom favorites he fills his (very rare) free time with.

1. This Is Us
“If I own a weekend, I’d buckle down and do a season of This Is Us, which my lady friend counseled to me, so I watched a bunch of episodes of that.”

2. DJ-driven tracks and folks rock ballads
“After I warm up, I admire taking ticket of digital music. I be aware of Martin Garrix, Flume, Dillon Francis. Things admire that where it’s obtained a terribly honest beat. And then I will spin honest accurate into a softer facet, admire Brandi Carlile. She’s one among my favorites.”

three. The Unbearable Lightness of Being, by Milan Kundera
“My favorite book of all time could well most definitely very smartly be [by] Milan Kundera. He’s a Czech creator, and it’s this book known as The Unbearable Lightness of Being. I’m for the time being learning Thinking, Rapid and Slack, by Daniel Kahneman, and that’s a more intellectual book. I admire issues admire that; thought-provoking books.”

four. The Mysterious Universe podcast
“I also admire taking ticket of Mysterious Universe, which is these two Australian guys who, fortuitously, they’re improbable storytellers. The stuff they discuss on there is gargantuan-uncommon and more in most cases than not unbelievable, nevertheless it’s more or much less these random experiences. I’d speak 10 to fifteen percent of the stuff is, admire, in actuality eerie. Some of it’s proper, nevertheless most of it’s not. It’s honest more or much less thought-provoking issues.”

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