Outlander costume clothier defends Claire’s season three dresser

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The mastermind at the assist of Outlander‘s luxurious — and assuredly threadbare — costumes took the irregular step of defending her production funds on social media Tuesday after followers it appears puzzled whether her purse strings were tightened going into season three.

It might most likely maybe seem some viewers speculated that costume clothier Terry Dresbach used to be working with restricted funds this year because Claire (Caitriona Balfe) has traditional the identical “bat swimsuit” — a production nickname for her personality’s dusty blue dress and coat — since episode 5. Claire made the dress in twentieth-century Boston for her outing assist to 18th-century Scotland. As soon as she returned to her cherished Jamie (Sam Heughan), Claire would seem in assorted layers of the outfit but never modified out of the shirt, belt, and skirt.

“Cease me a settle on??” Dresbach asked on Twitter. “Unfold it thru OL fandom. My funds used to be no longer lower for S3. It’s miles the identical because it used to be for S2. It didn’t mark LESS to plan the bat swimsuit. We had to produce 12 of them. It doesn’t topic if 2-12 are replicas or assorted costumes, they mark the linked to produce.”

She also went on to order that Outlander is “no longer Sex and the Metropolis” and acknowledged “it’s far a extraordinarily sexist leer. Ladies folk need to continuously exchange their clothing and female viewers needs to be fed continuously changing clothing. Or they’ll even be bored. Woah!”

In October, Dresbach told EW that Claire’s ensemble used to be nicknamed the “bat swimsuit” because it used to be meant to be a utterly-functional outfit designed to assist her continue to exist assist in time.

“We wished Claire to be a lady of the twentieth century, who knows she goes assist in time,” defined Dresbach. “I’d set a seek records from of to every viewers member the everlasting seek records from of of time dart … when you knew you were going, what would you plan? If I set myself in that predicament, I’d make fade that what I was carrying used to be waterproof and make fade that it used to be warmth. Claire knows the assign she goes to, she knows what the must haves are. So she being Claire, being the queen of all ladies folk, she figures out practically what she needs.”

In episode 5, Claire sews into the bat swimsuit loads of hidden pockets so she can carry assist twentieth-century medical offers to 18th-century Scotland.

The season three finale of Outlander airs this Sunday at eight p.m. ET on Starz.

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