Overwatch League signs its first female player

Overwatch League signs its first female player
Shanghai Dragons Gamer Geguri

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Overwatch League team Shanghai Dragons launched as of late that it signed 19-year-former skilled player Kim “Geguri” Se-Yeon, confirming reviews that she’ll be the predominant woman to play in the league.

Shanghai Dragons confirmed that Geguri become once one in every of four fresh avid gamers joining the team, which has struggled in Overwatch League’s first season. Becoming a member of Geguri as fresh participants of the Dragons are He “Sky” Junjian, an 18-year-former crimson meat up player who mains Ana, Zenyatta and McCree; Lee “Bold” Eui-Seok, a 20-year-former tank specialist who mains Winston, Reinhardt, and Roadhog; and Chon “Ado” Gi-Hyeon, 19, who will play DPS and mains Genji, Tracer, Pharah and Doomfist.

Geguri is most productive known for her “god-fancy” Zarya abilities in Overwatch, however has these days expanded her character pool to D.Va and Roadhog.

Shanghai Dragons’ debut in the predominant stage of the Overwatch League has been nothing attempting disastrous. The Chinese team went Zero-10 throughout the predominant stage of the predominant season, however the Dragons hope its fresh avid gamers will assist assign them on a a success route.

In a release, the Dragons said it’s working to finest “the core issues of the team” with its fresh avid gamers, and actively working to lift Geguri, Sky, Bold and Ado to the United States.

“They’re securing visas and talking league suggestions, to boot to providing language help, skilled training, and logistical crimson meat up,” the team said. “All participants of the Shanghai Dragons will work together to assist the four fresh avid gamers alter to the high-intensity competition of the Overwatch League so as that they can gift their most productive create and level of play.”

The Overwatch League is for the time being in the midst of a fresh player signing window. As of Feb. eleven, the league’s 12 teams are eligible to signal free agents and possess trades with other teams. In step with league suggestions, avid gamers wants to be 18 years former by April 5 and meet U.S. visa necessities to be eligible to play in the league’s first season. The earliest date that fresh avid gamers can compete in the Overwatch League is Feb. 21 — the same day stage two of the predominant season begins.

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