Pakistan-backed militants to continue attacks in India: U.S. Intel chief

Pakistan-backed militants to continue attacks in India: U.S. Intel chief

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Dismay teams supported by Pakistan will continue to achieve attacks inner India, the usa intelligence chief has warned.

Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats’ remarks came days after a neighborhood of Pakistan-basically basically based fully Jaish-e-Mohammad terrorists attacked the Military’s Sunjuwan camp in Jammu on February 10, killing seven of us, in conjunction with six troopers.

On February 12, a gunfight broke out between security forces and militants, who took shelter in a constructing in Karan Nagar role of Srinagar after their attack on the CRPF camp in Karan Nagar role of Srinagar became foiled.

Contemporary nukes will be deployed

Pakistan, genuinely, will continue to threaten the U.S. interests by deploying new nuclear weapons capabilities, holding its ties to militants, restricting counter- terrorism cooperation, and drawing closer to China, Mr. Coats mentioned in his testimony before the Senate Take Committee on Intelligence.

“Militant teams supported by Islamabad will continue to determine apt thing about their stable haven in Pakistan to space and behavior attacks in India and Afghanistan, in conjunction with against the U.S. interests,” Mr. Coats mentioned throughout the listening to on ‘Worldwide Menace Overview’ of the US intelligence neighborhood.

Actions will plug counter to U.S. targets for the plan

The Intel chief mentioned Pakistan’s opinion of its eroding plan relative to India, bolstered by endemic economic weak point and domestic security points, nearly surely would exacerbate lengthy held fears of isolation and pressure Islamabad’s pursuit of actions that plug counter to the U.S. targets for the plan.

“Ongoing Pakistani militia operations against the Taliban and associated teams potentially mirror the have to seem extra proactive and attentive to our requests for extra actions against these teams.” Nevertheless actions taken to this level “raise out no longer mirror a significant escalation of stress against these teams and are unlikely to hold a lasting beget,” he mentioned.

With out namely referring to any terrorist incident by Pakistan-basically basically based fully teams, Mr. Coats advised the lawmakers that he expected increased tension between the 2 Asian neighbours.

“Members of the family between India and Pakistan have a tendency to remain tense, with continued violence on the Line of Protect an eye on and the likelihood of escalation if there might be yet one more excessive-profile terrorist attack in India or an uptick in violence on the Line of Protect an eye on,” he mentioned.

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