PUBG breaks 10 million copies sold

pubg battle royale 5
pubg battle royale 5

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Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds has sold larger than 10 million copies. Creator Brendan “Playerunknown” Greene took to Twitter this morning to establish the announcement.

“Never did I assume we would reach the kind of bunch!” he acknowledged. “Thank you excited about your persevering with toughen of the @PUBATTLEGROUNDS group.”

Battlegrounds launched on Steam’s Early Score admission to program on March 23. Supported by a cavalcade of passion from streamers, the sport straight away lodged itself as one of many high 5 most-watched games on Twitch. Gross sales took off, clearing 1000000 devices in 16 days and two million in below a month.

Going into Gamescom late finest month, the title had sold larger than eight million copies. Rather of support-of-the-napkin math tells us that Battlegrounds has sold roughly two million copies in the past two weeks.

To place that in viewpoint just correct quite, let’s compare these numbers to Minecraft. In conserving with info from Mojang and aggregated by Gamasutra, it took that originate-world building game about two years to high-quality 10 million sold. Which implies that this chart, created by GameKult’s Oscar Lemaire, can’t be too a long way off.

About a other waypoints along the sport’s meteoric upward thrust: Battlegrounds overtook Gargantuan Theft Auto 5 for the most concurrent gamers on Steam in mid-July and Valve’s juggernaut Dota 2 finest week, kicking Dota out of the pause slot for the first time in larger than three years.

Battlegrounds’ success on Steam has translated into mainstream notoriety for Greene and developer Bluehole. They’ve been written up in GQ journal and just nowadays inked a deal to deliver exclusive video affirm material to Facebook. The sport’s most up-to-date Gamescom Invitational tournament had smartly over a hundred,000 viewers on Twitch and reportedly larger than 5 million viewers in China.

As the sport’s viewers has grown, so has the sport’s form goals. A first particular person-most productive mode used to be just nowadays added, and there are two original maps in the works as well to a 3D replay machine and original mechanics for vaulting and climbing. The sport used to be expected to exit Early Score admission to sometime next month, nonetheless has been delayed into the fourth quarter.

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