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Raqqa’s soiled secret – BBC News

Raqqa’s soiled secret – BBC News

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Smuggling didn’t determine for each person. Abu Musab Huthaifa used to be no doubt one of Raqqa’s most infamous figures. The IS intelligence chief used to be on the convoy out of the town on 12 October.

Nonetheless now he is within the back of bars, and his anecdote reflects the final days of the crumbling caliphate.

Islamic Narrate never negotiates. Uncompromising, murderous – here is an enemy that performs by a fine set up of living of principles.

At least that’s how the fable goes.

Nonetheless in Raqqa, it behaved no differently from every other shedding aspect. Cornered, exhausted and vexed for his or her households, IS fighters had been bombed to the negotiating desk on 10 October.

“Air strikes keep stress on us for almost 10 hours. They killed about 500 or 600 other folks, fighters and households,” says Abu Musab Huthaifa.

Footage of the coalition air strike that hit one neighbourhood of Raqqa on eleven October shows a human catastrophe within the back of enemy traces. Amid the screams of the ladies folks and young other folks, there is chaos among the many IS fighters. The bombs seem especially highly efficient, especially efficient. Activists teach that a building housing 35 ladies folks and young other folks used to be destroyed. It used to be sufficient to ruin their resistance.

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“After 10 hours, negotiations kicked off every other time. Those that initially rejected the truce changed their minds. And thus we left Raqqa,” says Abu Musab.

There had been three previous makes an are attempting to negotiate a peace deal. A workforce of four, in conjunction with native Raqqa officers, now led the talks. One heroic soul would unhealthy the front traces on his motorcycle relaying messages.

“We had been handiest to proceed with our non-public weapons and scuttle away all heavy weapons within the back of. Nonetheless we didn’t win heavy weapons anyway,” Abu Musab says.

Now in penal advanced on the Turkish-Syrian border, he has printed information of what took place to the convoy when it made it safely to IS territory.

He says the convoy went to the nation-say of jap Syria, now not removed from the border with Iraq.

1000’s escaped, he says.

Abu Musab’s have tried win away serves as a warning to the West of the risk from these free of Raqqa.

How would possibly even no doubt one of many most infamous of IS chiefs win away thru enemy territory and almost evade plan cease?

“I remained with a neighborhood which had set up of living its thoughts on making its technique to Turkey,” Abu Musab says.

Islamic Narrate contributors had been wished by each person else outdoors the neighborhood’s jumpy arena of encourage an eye on; that intended this tiny gathering needed to pass thru swathes of adversarial territory.

“We hired a smuggler to navigate us out of SDF-managed areas,” Abu Musab says.

To birth with it went smartly. Nonetheless smugglers are an unreliable lot. “He deserted us halfway. We had been left to fend for ourselves within the center of SDF areas. From then on, we disbanded and it used to be every man for himself,” says Abu Musab.

He would possibly maybe win made it to safety if handiest he’d paid the devoted person or maybe taken a fine route.

The choice direction is to Idlib, to the west of Raqqa. Countless IS fighters and their households win chanced on a haven there. Foreigners, too, also invent it out – in conjunction with Britons, other Europeans and Central Asians. The costs vary from $four,000 (£Three,000) per fighter to $20,000 for a tidy family.

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