Right here is how The Mindy Project ended

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WARNING: This narrative is set HOW The Mindy Project sequence finale ended. So, yeah, there are spoilers. Enter at your bear threat.

After six seasons — three on Fox, three on Hulu — The Mindy Project officially ended Tuesday.

Creator and star Mindy Kaling beforehand informed EW the sequence finale may perchance perchance well perchance be “a huge extravaganza,” and the episode delivered on her promise: First off, Morgan and Tamra got married — after which Morgan toasted to his fresh wife by leading a dance number to Jason Derulo’s “Must Desire Me.”

But most importantly, Mindy got to withhold Later Toddler. She belief she used to be going to want to shut it down after her companion Jody went off to Africa and made up our minds to rob out half his equity. But then Danny invested within the industry, allowing it to survive — no longer because he wished to management Mindy, as she on the origin suspected, however because he believed in her and didn’t want her industry to die thanks to, as she put it earlier within the episode, “a white man’s whims.”

That act helped Mindy trace that she wished to be with Danny, so she grabbed Morgan’s bike from out of doors the marriage reception and pedaled to the sanatorium (recalling a second from the pilot), where Danny used to be along with his mother, bettering from a mastectomy. Mindy says she came attractive to verify on Annette; Annette knows that’s no longer the reason, so as soon as Mindy leaves, she tells her son this.

Then, Danny finds Mindy within the breakroom, her arm stuck in a merchandising machine, and — as soon as he helps her glean free from the machine — asks her if she used to be going to tell something, that he belief perchance she used to be going to tell she liked him again.

“I by no formulation stopped loving you, and I don’t verbalize I ever will,” she responds. Then they kiss, and so they end the episode staring at TV on the couch within the breakroom.

“I started the sequence thinking that folk don’t surely trade that unheard of, and within the occasion that they end, it’s be pleased 10 or 15 percent,” Kaling informed EW in the starting up up of the final season, “however by the end of the sequence, we’ve stumbled on Mindy’s changed a bit of of bit greater than that.”

The sequence finale of The Mindy Project, titled “It Had to Be You,” is now streaming on Hulu. Be taught extra about the episode here.

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