Robert E. Lee’s descendant resigns as pastor after VMAs backlash

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After his remarks talking out against white supremacy on the MTV Video Song Awards rankled participants of his parish, Robert Lee IV, a descendant of Confederate traditional Robert E. Lee, has left his church.

“We are all known as by God to talk out against hate and disagreeable in all its many kinds,” Lee said in a statement to his veteran church, Bethany United Church of Christ in North Carolina. “There are so principal of real issues going on with this congregation and I fabricate now no longer want my struggle to detract from the mission. If the recent media consideration causes negate with my church, I reluctantly provide my resignation.”

In a statement, Lee principal that a community of church participants used to be involved by his VMAs speech which explicitly supported the Shadowy Lives Subject hunch, the Girls people’s March, and the lifestyles (and death) of Heather Heyer. He wired that the response used to be now no longer shared by all church participants.

When the church made up our minds to avoid losing his space as pastor up for a vote with the congregation, he made up our minds to resign, feeling he used to be no longer welcome in his post. He wired that he hopes his resignation and his narrative will now no longer detract from the next, more pressing dialog.

“Most severely I fabricate now no longer want this episode to be a distraction from the sacred work of confronting white supremacy in all its kinds,” he said. “My calling and my vocation has led me to talk out against violence and oppression in any fabricate, and I must severely negate white Christians in The US to lift severely the deadly legacy of slavery in our nation and commit ourselves to note Jesus staunch into a time of deep reflection, repentance, and reconciliation.”

Lee, the huge-gigantic-gigantic nephew of Confederate traditional Robert E. Lee, seemed on the VMAs to introduce Susan Bro — the mummy of Charlottesville, Virginia sufferer Heather Heyer — and talk out against the events of Charlottesville and the specter of racism in The US. Lee had lately graduated from Duke Divinity College and Bethany United Church of Christ marked his first job out of seminary faculty. “We’ve made my ancestor an idol of white supremacy, racism, and hate. As a pastor, it is a long way my supreme duty to talk out against racism, The US’s long-established sin,” he said at some level of the ceremony.

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