Seth Meyers: Trump has the vocabulary of Tarzan

Seth Meyers: Trump has the vocabulary of Tarzan

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On Wednesday’s Late Night, Seth Meyers took purpose at now not correct Donald Trump, however additionally his presidential opponent.

First up was once Trump, with the host mocking the president’s sad grammar in describing Hurricane Irma. “It appears enjoy it ought to be something that will possible be now not correct,” he quoted the president.

“You realize, I genuinely must roar, when a pure anxiousness is bearing down on our country, it can perchance perchance be fine to hear from a frontrunner who is conscious of more words than Tarzan,” mentioned Meyers. “‘Hurricane execrable. Powerful wind. No longer correct.’”

Then, for his recurring section “Hey!,” Meyers was his consideration to Hillary Clinton’s original memoir What Came about, whereby she puts a pair of of the blame for her election loss on her Democratic most major opponent Bernie Sanders.

“Hey, Hillary Clinton, don’t blame Bernie because Donald Trump called you names,” declared Meyers. “I promise you, he was once going to realize that anyway. It’s now not enjoy Trump watched Bernie at the debates and belief, ‘Criticizing Hillary? That correct may perhaps perchance perhaps work.’ You focal point on Trump important Bernie’s permission to be an a—hole? A—holes don’t ask for permission — that’s what makes them a—holes.”

Citing the “darkish time in The US,” Meyers voiced his disappointment that Clinton and Sanders aren’t striking their previous in the back of them and taking the “unparalleled opportunity to drag Democrats and liberals collectively and to stand against the hate and incompetence in Washington.”

He concluded, “This isn’t the time to whinge because Senator Woodstock didn’t roll over for you. Hey, if anything else, he helped build you the next candidate. You realize, the candidate who beat Donald Trump by three million votes.”

Gape both clips above. Late Night airs weeknights at 12:35 a.m. ET on NBC.

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